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Meeting Place: East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour

Where to Find Us

Every Saturday, TFWT guides will be waiting for you at the “Marunouchi Central Exit” of the Tokyo Station just outside the ticket gate. In the past, some guests have experienced difficulty finding the correct exit.

If you arrive at Tokyo Station and you are not sure, it is always a good idea to ask the station staff. Below are also some tips on where to find us.

On the Maps

Marunouchi Central Exit is here on Google Maps.

Japan Railway also provide their map of Tokyo Station. You can find Marunouchi Central Exit roughly in the center of the map.

Follow the Yellow Signs

If you arrive at Tokyo Station on a JR train, you will find signs in yellow indicating the exits. Follow the one that says “Marunouchi Central Exit“. Be careful not to get confused with “Marunouchi North Exit”, “Marunouchi South Exit”, or the tricky “Marunouchi Underground Central Exit”!!

Marunouchi Central Exit looks like this from inside the ticket gate. Our guides will be waiting at the hallway just outside the gate.

From the Outside

If you are outside facing the station building, Marunouchi Central Exit is the little doorway slightly to the left of the central part of the building. If you are outside the station but do not see the red brick building, chances are you are on the wrong side of the station.


Hop on the Tour!

The guides will be holding up signs of Tokyo Free Walking Tour. Tell them you are for the tour, sign up, and you are ready to go. See you on our next tour!