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Tour Report : July 23, 2016

Tour Report : July 23, 2016

Thank you for all the guests kindly joining our regular tour on 23rd of July.

We had 35 guests from 13 countries and eleven volunteer guides attended the tour. So we were divided into 5 groups and enjoyed the tour.Aグループ 集合写真2group B0723C_Group16年7月23日写真集合IMG_1566_D

This morning every TV program says “At last in Japan the download of POKEMON GO started yesterday” and are explaining how to play it. We can see some people playing it in the Imperial Palace East Gardens.

It is cloudy and humid. We are still in the rainy season, which lasts longer than the past years. But according to the weather report, Japan’s hot and humid summer is starting soon. Japan is surrounded by the sea and then has a lot of beautiful beaches. Also you can enjoy marine sports. And there are a lot of large luxurious pool facilities, which offer running water, waving water and water slides. You can enjoy all day long with shaved ice.

Some events are only available in summer, including climbing Mt. Fuji and firework displays. On July 30th in the evening, Sumida river firework display is held and is broadcasted on TV. Also a lot of firework displays are held throughout the country during summer.

If you are not so outgoing, I recommend visiting department stores regardless of shopping, because they offer comfortable air conditions.