East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

7th of August is Risshu in Japanese calendar, which means beginning of autumn. In contrast to the implication of the name, we had another day over 33 degree on 11th of August. It is our big pleasure that we welcomed 18 guests from US, UK, Singapore, Spain, Portuguese, and China. We spent a good time together on such a hot day.

As always, we started from Tokyo station, and we walked through tall buildings. It is fascinating to see mixture of modern and historical sight at one glance.

We carefully chose the route to the east garden to avoid direct sunlight so that we wouldn’t lose much energy. Good news is that there are beautiful fountains and beautiful streams in Wadakura Fountain Park, and they gave us cool and crisp feeling even under severe sunshine. From the park, you can see both Tatsumi (Dragon-Snake) and Fujimi (Fuji View) Watch Tower.


At this time of year, the moats around and inside the Imperial Palace are fully covered with green water-weed. This gives objects in the garden unique view, and brings us the mood of nostalgia.


It is always good to spend time in the place of well maintained trees and plants. The East Garden is no exception. We enjoyed places in relaxed atmosphere.


Inside the garden, there are lots of well preserved remaining of Edo castle. Every guest showed keen interest in stories behind those objects.


There may be lingering heat in the mean time, but soon it will get cooler. A hot day has its own way of joy, and a cooler day has its own as well. I hope every tourist find his/her way of enjoying Japan.