Notice:Asakusa Tour on Sunday,April 30

・Date/Time : April  30, 2017 ( 9:30―10:30 )

・Meeting Place : Beside the police box by the Kaminarimon Gate of the

Sensoji temple in Asakusa.

[more on where to find us]

・We leave at 9:30. Please take care to arrive on time !

・Participation Fee : Free

・Reservation : Not required

・The number of the participants of Asakusa tour are limited.

First-come-first-served basis. Thank you for your understanding.

・Participants : Foreign tourists and residents, and their accompanying

Japanese friends, families, etc.

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Tour report on 22 April 2017, Saturday

We thank guests from all over the world who joined the tour on that day.

66 people joined us from Germany, Portugal, USA, Israel, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Czech, France, Mexico, U.K. Croatia, and Italy. We divided into 5 groups.

Now the cherry blossom season is over. The flower is known to be short-lived so we learn the lesson that happiness is a sudden gift and never last forever. It seems spring is gradually turning to summer as it gets warmer day by day in Tokyo. But in Japan, up north you can still go skiing. In Yuzawa town, Niigata Prefecture, 1 and half hour bullet-train ride from Tokyo Station, there still remained good amount of snow and ski resorts are open until May.


But down south, in Okinawa Prefecture, 3 hour flight from Tokyo is already in summer season so you can swim in the sea. Recently Okinawa has become popular among foreign tourists visiting Japan. If you want to fly there from Tokyo, right wing side window seat is recommended. You can view Mt. Fuji from the window during the flight.


Okinawa is southernmost prefecture and consists of several islands surrounded by coral reef.


The climate is different from mainland Japan, subtropical. It may be like Hawaii in U.S.A. Like Hawaii, the prefecture went through different historical path. There used to be independent kingdoms. But in late 19th century when Japan became modern state, it was annexed to Japan Nation like Kamehameha dynasty. So not only the climate is different but identities and cultures are as well.


Tourist attractions include not only beautiful coral sea and beaches but old kingdom remains like the one we introduce in the East Garden. The most famous one is Nakagusuku castle, which was designated as one of the World Heritage sites. Stone base and gates have remained from the middle age. When the castle was actually used, it was not part of Japan. The kingdom was not actually under governance of Tokugawa Shogun who had resided in the East Garden.


There you can find different feeling from mainland Japan. Why not visit there to experience different climate, different look, different identity, different culture within territory of Japan?

Tour Report on April 15 2017,Saturday

We welcomed 72 guests from all around of the world on April 15.

We divided the guests into 7 groups and started our tour at 1:00 pm from Tokyo station.

The following are the group pictures.



It was cloudy warm day and it was almost end of cherry blossom season but a few flowers remained.

There were many kinds of flowers in the park not only cherry blossom but also Thunb(Iris japonica) and azalea and more.

Cherry blossoms are No1 flower for most of Japanese even it is over the full blossom.

We wait for cherry blossoms blooming,enjoy for very short time,look a shower of cherry blossoms,and look foword to next year’s cherry blossoms.

We must be anxious about cherry blossom would be fallen by heavy rain or strong wind during flower blooming. 

There is a poem written in ninth-century in Japan.


          If it were not for

          Cherry blossoms in the world,

           How peaceful and calm

           The heart in spring could be!



Thanks to all the guests for joining and having good time with us.

Please enjoy JAPAN and please enjoy the next cherry blossoms if you have a chance.

We have been introducing our activities at Facebook and Trip adviser.

Please check them and give us your comments or feedbacks.

 Posted by YUMI.K

Tour Report on April 8 2017, Saturday

Thank you to all the wonderful guests who joined our tour on April 8. Although it was not a perfect day to go out for a walk (it was cloudy and we had some drizzles here and there), we welcomed almost 100 guests from all around the world.

The cherry blossoms in the East Gardens of the Imperial palace were in full bloom, and many people were taking pictures of the beautiful pink flowers. It will be all gone soon, so if you are still in Japan, you must hurry!



In our group, we had two boys as guests.They were having fun playing Pokemon Go during the tour. (There are quite a few pokestops in the East Gardens, so if you are playing it, this is the place you should go!) We talked about the pokemon we can only find in Japan called Kamonegi, in English Farfetch’d. They had not caught it yet, but I hope they can during their stay in Japan.

Soon, spring will be over and the rainy season, in Japan we call it “tsuyu(梅雨)”, will come. After tsuyu, the hot and humid summer will arrive. Even though the cherry blossoms will pretty soon be gone and one of the most attractive season in Japan would be over, there will still be much to see, for each season has their own beauty. We will be delighted to guide you around the East Gardens, so when you have a chance feel free to join our tour!

Yuri T.

Tour Report on 6 April 2017, Thursday

We held a weekday tour for this day. Sunny and warm, a little bit windy, but the climate was just splendid to stroll around the peak season of the cherry blossom!  We welcomed 28 guests from the U.S.A., Canada, Chile, France, Slovakia, Malaysia, and made 4 groups to go on for the walk.

One of our French guests told us that they came to Japan to enjoy their honeymoon. They very much wanted to come at at the Cherry Blossom season.  Once we heard that, all of the guests in our group started celebrating them. How pleased we were to hear  such good news and how proud we felt to be included as a piece of memory of  their treasured trip !! Even the cherry blossoms seemed to say “Happy Wedding!! ” for them too!

Usually the Honmaru area is a quiet area but at this time of year, it is very lively!  This day, especially near the cherry blossom trees , we could see unusual scenes. Company directors taking a group photo, people sitting on the lawn and chatting, businessmen bringing their lunch-box enjoying their meal in a circle .(Yes, this area is near a business district called Marunouchi)

Talking about outdoor “宴会”、(”宴会=Enkai” means eating &drinking with a bunch of  people  ),  Japanese love to hold  an “Enkai” under the cherry blossom trees.  We usually gather with our family, friends or co-workers. When the “Enkai”is held at night, the illuminated cherry tree looks gorgeous but as you can imagine, it makes you feel freezing drinking a cup of beer…

Anyway, April is the season for new employess and freshmen to start their new year at their company or school in our country.  For some companies, the first job for the new employess are to  keep the territory of the “Enkai”  by spreading a vinyl rug on the ground and wait till their workers come to join them. After work they enjoy such an enthusiastic “Enkai” under the trees.

Like this way, cherry blossoms are also so special for Japanese!

(Posted by Noriko)

Tour Report on April 1,2017 Saturday

Thank you for all the guests kindly joining our regular tour on April 1. We had no less than 89 guests from 20 countries, and 16 volunteer guides. We divided into 6 groups and enjoyed the tour.

It was a cold day. I don’t believe it was April. And we had a light rainfall but I could walk without an umbrella.

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Usually it’s time when cherry blossoms were in full bloom, especially Somei-Yoshino cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Somei-Yoshino cherry is a kind of cherry trees and is the most popular in Japan. The Somei-Yoshino cherry tree is hybrid of Edo-Higan and Ooshima cherry trees invented by the people living in Somei village in Edo in the late Edo period.


The Somei-Yoshino cherry blossoms in The Imperial Palace East Garden are in only 30% bloom. I see it had been cold in March. Still we are looking forward to blooms of cherry blossoms.


But there are white cherry blossoms which are in full bloom. (I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the kind of this cherry tree.) Most of the guests were takeing a lot of pictures.