Important Notice regarding Our Tours

  • 2019.08.11

Please be advised of the recent situations that may affect our tour. Tokyo is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave this summer with temperatures nearing 40 degrees celcius (100 fahrenheit). Our tours may be modified or canceled without prior notice in order to protect the health of our guests and guides. The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is being prepared for the Ceremony by the new Emperor in November. The Gardens are currently partially closed down; as the Ceremony nears and the construction progresses, we may modify or cancel our East Gardens tour. Please also refer to our terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding!

COOL “OMOTENASHI” (HOSPITALITY) IN SUMMER: The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour on Aug. 17, 2019

  • 2019.08.18

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on Aug 17th. We welcomed 14 guests from USA, UK, Spain, Colombia and India, and made 2 groups with a few guides respectively. The weather was typical summer one, very hot (35℃/95℉). We really appreciate all guest for sharing your precious time together and enjoyed our tour with the guests. As we reported, the construction in “Honmaru” area is under gong for the preparation of Grand Ceremony by new Emperor in Nov. We didn’t go to there but explained how looked like Edo Castle those days. We hope all guests enjoyed a short time-trip from Japanese modern era to Edo period in 17th through 19th. According to the Japanese traditional calendar, “Risshu (beginning of autumn/fall)” was on August 7, but it is still hot and humid even in mid-August, this year. In the days when there were no air conditioners or electric fans, people were trying to cool down the hot and humid seasons. One of them is that the house was made of wooden structure with excellent ventilation. Also, in everyday life, various ideas were made, such as cooling in the evening while listening to […]

Japan’s kitchenware paradise (August 11)

  • 2019.08.12

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join our Asakusa/Ueno Park tours on August 11. It was a very hot day in the middle of summer. We welcomed 11 people from Italy, Australia and America. As some of you may be aware our website has been renewed and the long-awaited Ueno Park Tour page is here! It has been added to our Website as the fourth tour. I hope that the new page will raise the interest and awareness of Ueno Park Tour. There is an interesting and exciting place at Ueno/Asakusa area. It is Kappabashi Street which boasts the Japan’s largest kitchen ware products. It is located almost in the middle between Ueno Park and Sensoji Temple. You could walk from each place. The closest station is Tawaramachi of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. The big statue of a chef is the landmark of Kappabashi Street. It is recommendable for a foreign visitor to get a handy map. The map has industrial classification in English with the free Wi-Fi spots which is available at most of the shops for free. The total length is approximately 1 kilometer with over 170 shops specializing in kitchen tools […]


  • 2019.08.11

Thank you for all! We welcomed 30 guests from various countries such as US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Poland, South Africa, Dubai, India, Singapore and Indonesia. We divided all the guests into 2 groups and each tour took 2 hour with 2 guides. Although it was very hot and humid, we tried to choose cool area and stay in a shade as possible. From some photo below, can you feel how we were active and concentrated in our tour? There is one antique street lamp in the east garden of Imperial place. The bridge shown by photo is generally called Nijubashi, which is the symbolic bridge for Imperial palace. In 1887, this bridge was arranged with 6 street lamps. They started to use these lamps only after 10 years since great inventor Thomas Edison had launched electric lamp in US. It was brand new technology with modern design at that time. And in 1964 this bridge was secondary rearranged, 6 lamps were also renewed and one of no longer used lamps was preserved here. After that it has been placed on our tour course very quietly. Actually, we have a lot of topics in our tour. Please come and […]

PRICE OF CLOSE RELATIONSHIP? :Meiji Shrine and Harajuku Tour on Aug 4, 2019

  • 2019.08.05

Thank you for joining our tour to Meiji Shrine and Harajuku on Aug. 4th. We welcomed 8 guests in total from Australia, Canada, UK, Italy and Poland. We made 3 groups and had more mutual communication between guests and a guide. It was really hot, today. 32℃ (90℉), Summer sunshine, almost no wind. but we still could feel the cool forest in the morning, too. The tour started at the gate of Meiji Shrine, walked into its forest and arrived at Main Shrine Building. After the small rest, we moved to Harajuku area and reached out Omote Sando, Champs Elysees in Japan. We hope our guest enjoyed there 2 completely different attractive areas in the center of Tokyo metropolis. In addition, we exchanged a lot of questions and answers, and were inspired by some of them. I really love it. When visiting shrines and temples, including Meiji Jingu Shrine, we will make small offering. At that time, the famous thing as the auspicious amount is “5 yen”. One of our guests knew that. One reason is that “5 yen” is read as “Goen” in Japanese. Because this “Goen” has the same pronunciation as “Close relationship”, the 5 yen coin means that […]

Enjoy walking and talking in the Imperial Palace East Garden! Aug 3, 2019

  • 2019.08.05

Hi everybody! We had a walking tour in the Imperial Palace East Garden, which is located in the very center of Tokyo. We welcomed many guests from all over the world such as the United States, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Australia. The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor and the family. In the 17th century, it was built as a Samurai castle by the Shogun family. Now, the east part is open for public. It’s a good site to learn Japanese history and culture. And, our walking tour is the best way to understand it, because we explain every background of traditional buildings and episodes of the historical places.   Don’t worry! It’s not only educational, but also fun. Our guide members are all volunteer tour guides. Office workers, engineers, housewives, retired elders, and so on. We are all friendly locals. If you would like to have interaction with locals but you don’t have friends in Japan, our walking tour is what you are looking for! While we are walking from a site to another in the Imperial Palace, we talk many things. About Japan, your country, society, family, friends, culture, custom, sports, and anything! “Does the Emperor […]


  • 2019.07.30

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour in Asakusa and Ueno. On that day, July 28, we welcomed 9 guests on our walking tour. These people came from different corners of the world, including Australia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippine and Spain. Recently, the Japan Meteorological Agency has announced the end of the rainy season in Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures in the Kanto region. This long-awaited report about the shift from rainy to summer season has inspired those people who are looking forward to finalizing their summer plans since they can now choose the perfect days for their travel and activities. On the morning of July 28, the temperature rose up to 30 degrees Celsius and reached the high of 32 degrees and more, during the early afternoon. This is the typical pattern of weather changes during the season called “tsuyuake toka”, which can literally be translated to “the ten days after the end of the rainy season”. During the tsuyuake toka, a mass of warm air prevails over the entire Japanese island. In effect, we have an immediately stable weather, characterized by humid climate and hot days, which normally lasts up to around two weeks. The warm […]


  • 2019.07.30

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on July 27th. We welcomed total 14 guests from Russia(4), Korea(2), USA(3), Switzerland(1), Poland(2), UK(2). According to the weather forecast, it was a typhoon day, but little rain, and very scorching day. It was the Midsummer day of the Ox. Japanese eat eel to endure fatigue by summer heat and get energetic more. Originally, eel is seasonal food in winter, in Edo period, summer eel was thin and grilled eel sause was taste strong too much for eating in hot day. According to one theory, For sale eel more in summer, Hiraga Gennai was consulted by eel restaurant owner, and adviced to write on the sign board catch phrase as “ It’s the Midsummer day of the Ox! “ . They explain eating eel is good to prevent fatigue by summer heat to customers. So the habit spread to throughout Japan. However that, farmed eel controlled emvironment of temperature. And we can eat delicious eel independent season. Infront of Tokyo station, Tokyo Olympic countdown clock was placed, Please come again to enjoy Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020! Thank you everyone for sharing marvelous time together.

Explore exquisite Ueno Park on July 28

  • 2019.07.27

  July 28 is the day for the walking tour at Ueno Park with Tokyo Free Walking Tour. You walk past the various attractive museums representing the Japan’s largest Tokyo National Museum and the 400-year-old gorgeous Shinto shrine, Buddhist temple and the charming five-storied wooden pagoda. In addition, you will learn about the historic civil wars which accelerated the modernization of Japan. There are a lot of other interesting sites and spots together with the stories behind them.   Shinobazu Pond, part of Ueno Park is famous for the flowering lotus leaves in summer. You will have so much fun you forget about the time. Lotus flowers reach blooming peak from now and thru August, but blossoming time is just in the morning. The flowers fade around noon. You need to wake up early in the morning if you would like to see them. Louts leaves grow in muddy water and are regarded as a symbol of purity in Buddhism. Discover nature and culture with us at Ueno Park. We offer the unique experience with the amazing guides. The tour takes about two hours. This is a free tour. No fee or reservation needed and just turn up between Park […]

Who drunk the liquer of the sake barrals? : Meiji-Jingu and Harajuku Tour on Jul 21th

  • 2019.07.22

Thanks to all of our guests energetic enough to plunge into the miracle forest  this morning. We could welcome 16 guests from U.S.A., CZECH, FRANCE,  MALAYSIA, INDIA. This year,  the rainy season is lasting very long.  The temperature for this day, did not go up so high so we could spend the day without sunbisers and suntans. It was a little bit humid but strolling around the precinct and Harajuku area including Takeshita-street was rather comfortable under a thick thick sky!!  It means that no matter what the weather was alike, we ourselves really enjoyed the time we could spend with you!! We just wish all of your  trips would  last  safe and  top memorial. We still have 4 left tours in this month. — 1 tour  to East Gardens of the Imperial Palace,  2  tours to Asakusa and  1 tour  to Ueno Park. We hope our tours could fit your schedule somewhere.  Please check our tour calendar  and we  look forward meeting you!! (posted by Nori)    

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