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Tour Report on 20 August 2016

  • 2016.08.22

We thank everyone who joined the tour of that day. Around 39 people from USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Belgium, Brazil, France, Nederland and U.K. participated came and joined us. Then we divided into 4 groups. The weather was very unstalbe on that day. In the morning, it was heavy raining. But luckily the rain stopped just before the tour started. It stopped raining until the tour ended. Looked like God sided with us. Speaking of God, we’ve received a question from a guest about our religious views. In the third spot in the tour, Wadakura bridge, we could view the glass box chapel in the center of Palace Hotel building. A couple can be wedded viewing the Imperial Palace. Under the chapel is banquet room where a couple and their invitees joined after the wedding. The question was if Christian followers attend sermons at the chapel. The answer is No. The chapel is dedicated to wedding ceremony. No sermons or praying are held there. That is a hotel own chapel. Not like a chapel in a local town. In Japan Christian church wedding is very popular but only 1 % of population is Christian. Likewise Japanese celebrate Christmas in December although most of us don’t go to […]

Tour Report: August 13, 2016

  • 2016.08.14

Thank you to all the wonderful guests who joined our tour on August 13. Although it was a hot and humid day (which is an average summer day in Japan), we welcomed almost 50 guests, and divided into 4 groups. Because it was so hot, many guests were buying drinks and ice cream during the tour. (I actually drank two bottles of water during the tour.)   Our group talked about the Emperor’s suggestion that he would like to abdicate, which was a big news in Japan. (I have heard that it was on news in other countries too.) The Emperor and the Royal family is always a hot topic during the tour, and today was no exception.   We have a regular tour every Saturday and also weekday/Sunday tours irregularly. There is a calendar on our website, facebook and tripadvisor. If you are planning to travel to Tokyo, please include our tour on your to-do list. We are looking forward to meet you all!   (Yuri T.)

Tour Report on August 6, 2016

  • 2016.08.11

Thank you very much for joining us from all over the world. In the morning on that day, the opening ceremony of Rio 2016 Olympics Games was televised in Japan. From that day on we can enjoy watching top athletes’ performance of many sports. We are rooting for our own national teams,but recent doping scandal  reminds us that mutual respect is more important than the color of the medal. We wish all athletes best of luck!! We welcomed 18 guests from Austria,Israel, the U.S, Canada,Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina, and Romania. We were divided into 3 groups. In a small group,we talked about various topics such as Olympics games , Pokemon Go, and Japanese foods as well as the tour related issues. On the other hand, we welcomed some new volunteers from local high school and college. They joined us as a part of summer curriculum They were all young and promising, and we hope this experience was meaningful for their future.

“ASAKUSA” Trial Tour Report on July 31, 2016

  • 2016.08.03

Thank you for all our guests who joined  ” July 31  Asakusa Trial Tour”. We had 6 guests from England, Argentina and Spain. Asakusa is one of the popular sightseeing spots among tourists from all over the world. At the first  we enjoyed the nice view of Tokyo Sky Tree from  observation floor of  Asakusa Imformation center. At  Nakamise  Shopping Street , we could find various interesting Japanese traditional souvenirs. We’ve  got great good fortune by visiting the Asakusa kannon temple and the Asakusa shrine  (*^▽^*)!!. TFWT’s regular tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace is held on every Saturday 13:00-15:00.  You are in Tokyo ,  please come and join our regular tour . And  also please visit our website , tripadvisor  and facebook. (reported by Keiko N.)

Tour Report: July 30, 2016

  • 2016.08.02

Thanks to all the guests for joining and having a good time with us! It’s sunny and very hot day, typical summer weather in Japan. We welcomed 35 guests and we divided into 4 groups. The number of guest of each group is below 10, that is suitable number to get friendly with all people in a group. In a sunny day, it’s important and necessary to find shade, under a tree, beside a police box when we explain historical sites. Peak season of summer festival has come in Japan, and today is the day one of the biggest fireworks festivals is held near the Sumida river.  Some guests well know this festival and they are planning to go there. In Edo period, people enjoyed this fireworks on a bridge or a boat, but it’s difficult for us to take a same way. Cost for a boat is expensive and police don’t allow us stopping on a bridge. And more, many people gather into closest area of fireworks, ex. Asakusa. That’s why I go to JR Minami-Senju station in Jo-ban line. This town is little bit far from the center of festival, but I can enjoy watching the fireworks from a space between building and house.  Other festivals will be held in […]