Tour Report on September 27,2016(Weekday tour)

We welcomed 8 guests from Switzerland, U.S.A, Belgium, and Italy.

We divided the guests into 3 groups and started our tour  at 10:00 am

from Tokyo Station. It was cloudy and so humid.


By good smell of “Kinmokusei” or frangrant olives

we could feel the beginning of autumn.


In the garden  we also could see “Jugatsuzakura” or literally

“October cherry blossoms”.

The pink flowers were so cute.


Thanks to all the guests for joinning and having a good time with us.

Please enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan.

TFWT’s regular tour is held on Saturdays 13:00-15:00.

If you are in Tokyo on the day, why not come and join us?

Please check the tour calender on our website.

And also please visit facebook and tripadvisor.

(reported by Keiko N.)



Tour Report on September 24

Thank you very much to all the guests for joining our tour despite heavy rain.

We welcomed 25 guests from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and UK.


We feel sorry for those who stayed in Tokyo for past 1 week, because it had been raining for most of the day.  It is because Japan is now in Typhoon season.

Typhoon (Taifu in Japanese) is violent tropical rainstorms happened in the Pacific Ocean.  They usually hit Japan during July to October.  And if a typhoon lands on Japan Archipelago, it causes very strong wind and heavy rain resulting floods and destroy trees, houses, and so on.  We carefully watch weather forecast about the course of typhoon and try to be ready for protection when needed.    Typhoon is named with number in order of happening in the season, i.e. Typhoon #1,”2…  We already had 16 typhoons and of which 6 landed on Japan.  The day of the tour’s rain was the impact of Typhoon #16.  We may have several more typhoons on coming month, but the weather of coming week seems better. And generally speaking, October is the best season for leisure and travelling, so I hope visitors will have nice and comfortable weather.   At the same time, I pray for the people and place that suffered from damages by the typhoon.

By the way, when it is raining, our tour guides consider the tour route, and stop at place where you are not wet as much as possible.


Now changing the subject.


This flower is called “Higanbana”, in English, Read Spider Lily.  “Higan” is equinoctial week, twice a year in spring and autumn.  During the week, people visit Temple to held Buddhist memorial service for the deceased.  Higan means “the other side of the river crossed by the dead person” in Buddhist term.  In order to comfort the spirit of the ancestors, people visit ancestors’ grave -which usually placed in a temple- and pray.

Higanbana is autumn flower, blooms just this timing.  This flower has reverse ecology, i.e. first flower blooms, and then leaf comes, blooms in autumn and withers up in spring. People in old time had fear toward this flower, because it is different from usual ecology, so they name something related to other world.  Nevertheless, this flower is in special shape and color and very beautiful.  Red flower is common, but there are also white and pink flower.  You can enjoy the flower at Imperial Palace East Garden.  Please join the tour coming week, so that you still can enjoy!

There is one very gorgeous place that you can see splendid view of Red Spider Lily.   The place is called “Kinchakuda” in Saitama prefecture.  At this time of the year, the field is filled with many Red Spider Lily as if it is red carpet!


We have regular tour every Saturday p.m. and also some irregular tour on Sunday and weekday.   When you plan to come to Tokyo, please check our website or Facebook and see if there is any tour planned.

We always welcome you!

(posted by Sachimi)






Notice : Weekday Tour on Tuesday, September 27.

・Date/Time : Tue. Sep.27,2016 ( 10:00―12:00 )

・Meeting Place : Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Gate (ground floor)

[more on where to find us]

・We leave at 10:00. Please take care to arrive on time !

・Participation Fee : Free

・Reservation : Not required

・Participants : Foreign tourists and residents, and their accompanying

Japanese friends, families, etc.


For more information on our tour please visit our website, facebook,

And TripAdvisor page !

Tour Report on Sep.17th 2016 

Since the crazily hot August went away, now we are supposed to be in cool autumn. But it was still hot and humid. Nevertheless we amazingly welcomed 55guests .

We split into 6groups and began the tour from Marunouchi north gate of Tokyo station at 1:00pm.(Initially the starting point was Marunouchi central gate, but it was moved to  north gate for a renovation temporally.)

This is one of the guiding points, Japan Industry Club-building. Intriguing statues are on top of it.


These are the group-photos. See below,


After the tour you can try an instant kimono. It takes about one hour to put on a normal kimono(a Japanese traditional cloth), but we have special kimono that it only takes two minutes to put on. We have ones for men and women. It sure is a good idea to wear a instant kimono to take a photo as a good memory of the tour.


Then next is your turn! Come and join us! See us at Marunouchi central or north gate(both OK) of Tokyo station by 1pm.

Akira Hoyanagi

“Asakusa” Trial Tour Report on Sep.11,2016

Thank you for all our guests who joined “September 11 Asakusa Trial Tour “.                       The guests were from U.S.A , India, Malaysia, Chile, Canada, Israel and Mexico.      Nakamise shopping street was very  clowded as usual.                                                         So TFWT flag was the great landmark for us.  There were  several curious buildings           and items,  and a lot of histories in Asakusa.    As several Gods  were  guarding  the  Sensoji  Temple,  we  could   safely  looked around     there.

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.                                          TFWT’s  regular tour of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is held on every                 Saturday 13:00-15:00. You are in Tokyo, please come and join our regular tour.                   And also please visit our website, tripadvisor and facebook.

(reported by Keiko N)




Tour Report on September 10th ,2016

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour.
We welcomed around sixty guests on Sep. 10th tour and split them into five groups.
This is because we are mutually able to make a tour for two hours.

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Our tour started at Tokyo station and via modern commercial district we went into the compound of old Edo castle, where it’s now called “East Gardens of the Imperial Place”.


b       c

At the start of the tour, the weather was not so perfect and occasionally the sky was exceedingly covered with scattered clouds.
However, as temperature was constantly around 30 degrees it’s really humid.

d    e

It is usual that once the tour is set up, most of the participants started talkatively sharing different kinds of topics like foods, fashions, history or other interesting matters.

It’s our motto that we provide visitors with a lot of opportunities to be knowledgeable about Japan in hopes of keeping good memories even after returning to their countries.
For this reason, our guides are willing to share Japanese culture with the guests.
For instance, some of the participants occasionally ask about Japanese style drinking bars called “Izakaya”. So I’ll introduce this interesting place as follows.

 ===== What’s “Izakaya”? ======

An “Izakaya” is a kind of drinking pub, which serves not only alcohol but tasteful dishes.
Once you open an Izayaka door, an employee of Izakaya warmly welcomes you and escort you to a vacant table.


Right after carrying some food to you, a server asks your order.
This food is called “Otoshi”, which means a welcome dish like these pictures and normally, it is automatically charged in your bill. I think some foreigners will be confused with this system.

otoshi2      otoshi1

On the other hand, the number of these drinking restaurants have been steadily growing for a decade because they have successfully caught young women’s’ dietary interests.
For instance, these drinking establishments serve low calorie foods to meet young girls’ needs of a proper calorie intake.
On your Japanese trip, I strongly recommend that you visit these types of Japanese public drinking houses.

                                                                                                                                                                   By Arac

Tour Report on September 3

Thank you very much for all the guests joining our tour.

We welcomed 43guests from USA, Australia, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Columbia, Poland, Israel, Japan, and Ecuador.


Since our guests are from variety of countries, they also enjoy sharing the tips or memories about former trip each other.  Encounter and communicating with new people are also one of fun things for joining our tour. (for us, too!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There are four seasons in Japan: spring (March-May); summer (June-August); autumn (September-November); winter (December-February).  Today was 3rd of September, so autumn has formally started; however, it was not like autumn at all, still hot and sunny day like summer.

At the formal end of summer, 31st of August, the general entry applications for Tokyo Marathon 2017, which will be held on February 26, 2017, was closed.  Tokyo Marathon is getting more and more popular not only for Japanese but also runners from other countries.  This year, the course will be changed with new finish site which is one of our tour spots!!  Whether you are the one who luckily got entry places for Tokyo Marathon or not, (of course!), it would be great if you include our tour on your itinerary when you visit Tokyo.  We have a regular tour every Saturday and also weekday/Sunday tour irregularly.  For more information, visit our website, tripadvisor, and facebook.

We always welcome you!!

Tour Report: August 27, 2016

We have welcomed 49 guests for today’s tour and divided into 5 groups to show our guests around.
Two Japanese high school students also joined us to get some guide-experience as their summer vacation activity.
The young girl students seemed a bit nervous at the beginning of our tour, but their passion pushed themselves to plunge into the fulfilling diversity! Our guest were from the U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Spain, Austria, U.K., Australia, Uzbekistan, Thailand this day.

At the start of the tour, the cloudy sky seemed to take on our side.
Although, it gradually started raining after all of us got inside the
Higashi Gyoen. Well, we were O.K. since most of us had an umbrella and we pulled ourselves to the resthouse instead of sitting on the lawn in the Honmaru Goten area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of tour, it stopped raining but I hope that we were rather happy
with low temperature this day and could avoid encountering the rampaging typhoon!!

This week, the hot topic in our country was about the medal rush  and also about the presentation held at the Closing Ceremony for Rio Olympic games on Aug.21.
Our country did a 8 minute presentation and it started
with a red ball relay by Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Captain Tsubasa, PackMan…yes, as you know, famous anime characters.
Doraemon took out a clay pipe from his pocket, put in on the ground, and suddenly a hole had been digged to the other side of the earth, yes, to Rio de Janeiro.  Finally, a Super Mario came out from the clay pipe and to our surprise, it was Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

The presentation went on with 50 dancers performing a cool and stylized performance integrated with leading-edge technology.
There were 3 concepts shown in this presentation:
Animation,  Robot,  AR(Augmented Reality).
Yes, We believe that 2020 Tokyo Olympic will do it !!

Oftenly, our guests show enthusiasm to anime also.
Sometimes we rather get teached from our guests about these things…
We do not have to wait 4 years later, but whenever,
maybe next Saturday, we would just like to welcome you with the same slogan as the RIO closing ceremony …
The countdown has just started …

(Posted by: Noriko)