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“Ichi-go-ichi-e” (一期一会)Tour report of Feb.25 Meiji jingu Tour

  • 2020.03.01

We could not express how we were deeply impressed to welcome all of you at Meiji-jingu this day. Since it was our very first time to hold a weekday tour at this place, all of our guides were excited. On the other hand, the warning at a relatively high alert of Corona virus  made us a bit worry if we could meet any of our guests this day. No matter , We would like to thank each of you from Malaysia, Spain, France, Italy, totally 20 wonderful guests indeed. There is a word  called “Ichi-go-ichi-e(一期一会)” in Japanese, whichi means “an oppurrtunity to meet you is one time in one life”.  Don’t you think that this word has been  created just for us? The precinct was apparently quiet with less people visiting than usual. To avoid crowded areas, we were afraid that we have to skip areas like Takeshita-dori street but could rather spend more relaxed space and time inside the precinct. Some of our guests even tried omikuji or writing their wishes to dedicate them to the shrine.  When we reached to the main area inside the precinct, we could encounter some interesting scenes like a wedding couple dressed in Shinzen-style kimono or […]