East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour to the East Garden, 19 January 2019, The Year of New Era

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Many thanks to 29 guests who joined the tour from Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, India, Italy, USA, Russia, and Portugal on that day.

The weather was fine and not too cold for 2 hour walking tour.

We are actually very proud of welcoming such wonderful guests from all over the world.

In this tour route we walk through Japan’s heart area like Capitol Hill in Washington, Kremlin in Moscow or Buckingham Palace & Westminster in London. The tour route is not just special for foreign tourists but all of Japanese.

This year is known to be a special year for Japanese nationals because 2019 is marked as last year of Heisei and the first year of new era whose name is yet announced. Heisei began with death of former late Emperor Hirohito who was father of current Emperor Akihoto. It was 1989 in the year of our Lord, 30 years ago. So this year is addressed Heisei 31 in Japanese official calendar.

In coming May, new Emperor Naruhito will ascend the throne and current Emperor will abdicate. He reigned for almost 30 years. Before Heisei, there were 3 eras in modern time Japan since 1868. Meiji (1968-1912), Taisho (1912-1926) and Showa (1926-1989).

In Kyoto at a lobby of Takashimaya department store, the actual carriage used for wedding ceremony of current Emperor and Empress  in 1959 when they were crown prince and princess was exhibited in memorial for Heisei Emperor and Empress.


For the brand new era, we, Tokyo Free Walking Tour is introducing a new guide tour, 4th tour route in our guide history. The walking tour to Ueno Park, which is famous not only for greenery and landscape but collection of museums and temples, a zoo and the statue of “The Last Samurai.”

The trial tour is scheduled on February 11, National Foundation Day. It surely marks a new era of our organization and Japan’s sight-seeing. Why not plan to join?