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TFWT experiences a 4 Days voluntary workforce at the Imperial Palace (Oct.23-26)

  • 2018.11.02

Dreams come true. Tokyo Free Walking Tour(TFWT) won a lottery to take part in the Imperial voluntary workforce from October 23 to 26. Finally, 18 guides of us could participate in this volunteer service. This workforce is run by the Imperial Household Agency and citizen aged from 15 to 75 years old are able to apply by groups. (only by groups, not by individuals) It has a high reputation for mostly two reasons and countless groups come from all over our Japan to take part in this workforce. (1) Their Majesties the Imperor and Impress sincerely makes time to meet people as far as they are available.(Even Their Magesties are quite busy, they continue their greetings.) (2) During the workforce term, to complete the work, you may be allowed to enter some restricted area which are usually not open to public. So as other groups, TFWT eagered to take part in the volunteer. The volunteer first started at 1947 by young volunteers to help cleaning up the devastated area burnt down by World War II in 1947. Since then, Emperor Hirohito(current Emperor Akihito’s father) and his consort, Empress Koujun started meeting people and the custom been taken until today. For this […]