East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

21 July 2018, The East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thanks to all the guests for joining the tour and having a good time with us on 21st July!

We welcomed 34 guests and divided into 3 groups. It was extremely hot, the temperature got over 35 C, so we walked in the shades as much as possible and recommended guests to drink water at every water tap facilities.


This summer season reminds me of the Bird Man Rally Contest which is held at Lake Biwa of Hikone city in Shiga prefecture. Rule of this contest is to fly by only human power with a  handmade plane, take off from the platform at 1om height (approach length is also 10m). The winner pilot flew 40km!! last year. Though lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Japan, the width of the lake is as short as 40km, so pilot needs to turn his plane at 20km point from the platform to fly more distance. The winner last year succeeded to go back to platform area. It’s first time in this contest.

To fly more distance, location of flight turning point is changed from 20km to 30km this year, so maximum distance becomes 60km! The 41st contest is planned to be held on 28th and 29th July this year, and it would be broadcasted on TV in Aug or Sep. It’s really my pleasure to watch TV program and hope one of pilots fly to 60km.

If you have chance to visit Hikone city or to watch TV program in Japan, don’t miss it!

 (Hikone city has Hikone castle, built in 17th century, designated as national treasure.)

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 (Reported by Nao)