24 July 2018, Weekday Tour of The East Garden of The Imperial Palace


Many thanks to our weekday tour guests of 24th July at the East garden of the Imperial palace. We welcomed 8 people from Switzerland, Russia, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, and Israel.
It was a terrible hot weather. Before starting the tour the temperature showed 34 degrees. At first we worried about heat shock in this bad condition, but our tour was much better than we had expected.
During the tour we chose to do our guiding In the shades, like under the trees or inside a rest house. Fortunately our guests were so positive and energetic. Owing to their active behavior we were able to go up the base part of the main tower of Edo castle. We felt a pleasant wind and enjoyed Marunouchi skyline at the top of base part. We were so happy to have experienced exceptional summer of Japan.
Speaking of the Japanese summer, The National High School Baseball Championship is one of the highlights of the summer in Japan. Recently Japanese people like football. But Japanese people like baseball from long time ago. Especially The National High School Baseball Championship is very popular in Japan.
Now each region is holding preliminary games. After that the all regional champions participate in The National Championship at The Koshien Stadium in Hyogo prefecture.

The Koshien Stadium is a home to the professional baseball team (Hanshin Tigers’) but is also a mecca for high school baseball players.
If you go to Kansai region, visit The Koshien Stadium to watch the games directly.
If you don’t have much time to visit there, you can watch the games on TV. The championship games will be held from 5 August to 16 August. It is longer than usual.
The passions of young baseball players thrill audiences. Try to watch the games!

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