East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

27 JUNE 2018, Weekday Morning tour to The East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our walking tour to Imperial Palace East Gardens on June 27th. We were so happy to have met all 16 guests from Canada,U.S.A.,Belgium,Georgia,and Australia. The guests were divided into 4 groups with few of our guides in each group.
This day was a weekday, so the garden was more peaceful and quiet than on weekends.
It was a hot and windy day. But all of us enjoyed the tour.







A guest from U.S.A told me that he bought ONIGIRI for snack at a convenience store almost every day. ONIGIRI is “rice ball” which is a Japanese food made from white rice, seaweed and fillings. There are a variety of ONIGIRI fillings and flavors such as pickled plum, salted salmon or tuna(bonito flakes) with mayonnaise,and leaf mustard.

Major convenience stores in Japan (Seven-eleven, LAWSON, FamilyMart and more) provide many kinds of ONIGIRI.

onigiri 7-11

Please try some ONIGIRI in Japan. I recommend UME (UMEBOSHI) ONIGIRI, which is filled with small red round pickled plum that is very salty and sour . You will be surprised when you eat it for the first time. Please eat little by little with rice.
UMEBOSHI is effective for summer exhaustion and tiredness and is very delicious!


According to the forecast, the rainy season in TOKYO has ended today.
Hot Summer has come! Let’s eat UMEBOSHI and beat the heat.

(posted by Yumi.K)