East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

A bad weather for the outdoor tour, 15 June 2019, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Many thanks to 20 guests who participated in this tour from USA, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, India and Indonesia. We divided into 4 groups.

The weather was terrible so it was not a very comfortable tour for all of us. We really  appreciated our guests’ patience on that day.

Actually, June is a rainy season in Japan. The phrase “June Bride” does not match with Japanese climate. June is not popular wedding month in Japan. In that sense, the guests experienced a very typical June weather although it was not desirable for outdoor guide tour.

It is recommended to enjoy indoor tours in such season.

Where in Japan is best for indoor tour?

How about Todai-ji Temple in Nara prefecture?


It is a big hall and you can view middle age made Buddha statues inside. If you are interested in Buddhism, that is the place where you can spend an hour inside.

Another big hall is Higashi-Honganji temple in Kyoto. There is the world’s biggest wooden-made building. Inside is a very spacious straw mat floor that you have to take off shoes to get on.


Rainy season is the time when you should think about indoor tours.

Within our presenting Tokyo Free Walking Tours, Ueno Park has such sites. The museums!

If you join Ueno Park held every other Sunday afternoon, you can learn about it. Why not check our website for schedule?