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Asakusa and Ueno Park Tour on April 2nd,2023

Asakusa and Ueno Park Tour on April 2nd,2023

Many thanks for joining us on our tours at Asakusa in the morning and Ueno Park in the afternoon on April 2nd, 2023. We welcomed 44 guests from USA, Singapore, Greece, Australia, India, Canada, Hongkong, Chile, Thailand and Indonesia. It was a tremendous opportunity for us to meet wonderful guests from many countries and to share interesting conversations. Also, it was really nice seeing some of you in both tours. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached so that you can remember the fun we had during the tour.

Asakusa Land Marks
Who is in the middle?
How do you write thunder in Kanji?
Whose sandal is this?
More Fun time together

Asakusa was as crowded as ever. But, our skillful guides got by easily and showed you around Asakusa thoroughly. With our guides, you won’t miss highlights even in the hestic time of year. Senso-ji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and Asakusa shrine is right by the side. It’s the best start to learn about Japanese religion. When you visit temples and shrines in Japan, there are certain manners to follow and we can show you how. You will be comfortable visiting temples and shrines later days in Japan.

In the afternoon, Ueno park tour welcomed some guests from morning Asakusa tour and some newly joined guests. Ueno Park area is 530,000㎡. Even the park is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo, we still could walk with relaxed spring holiday feelings. Flowers are blooming everywhere and a lot of families are enjoying their day out in park and museums. We’ve seen some street performers and musicians.

A Group photo
B Group photo
Pine tree in moon shape.
What do you see in the middle?

Cherry blossom season is about to end. Azalea, Wisteria and Iris are waiting for their turn. I personally recommend Azalea. You will see Azalea at the edge of sidewalk all around Tokyo and there are many varieties. We will have different kinds of flower festivals in Japanese gardens, temples and shrines.

Come and visit. Join our tour! We’ll be more than glad to help you understand Japan.

Once again, thank you so much for joining us on our tour. We always make efforts to
improve our tours and highly appreciate your feedback on our TripAdvisor/Facebook
etc. Your comments motivate us to continue our volunteer activities. Please tell your
family and friends about how you enjoyed our tour. Next time you’re in Tokyo, please
join another one of our tours East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine in Iris season. Their Iris gardens are famous photo spot. And Ueno Park in Azalea season. Azalea festival will be held in Yanaka area nearby Ueno Park. We’d love to see you again. (post by Sakamoto)