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Asakusa and Ueno Park Tour on July 9th, 2023;Auspicious day in Asakusa

Asakusa and Ueno Park Tour on July 9th, 2023;Auspicious day in Asakusa

Thank you very much for participating in the Asakusa Morning/Afternoon Tour and Ueno Park Tour held on July 9th!!  Good thing was it did not rain even in the Tsuyu season, but a hot and humid day made us feel that summer was just around the corner. 

We welcomed 25 Guests for Asakusa; USA, Spain, UK, Mexico, France and New Zealand.  Thank you for choosing our tour.    And we really appreciate that three guests from France and New Zealand joined both the Asakusa and Ueno Park tour!   We really hope all of you had enjoyed the time with us on the day.  

As we posted photos of Asakusa Tours and Ueno Park Tours followed by a special event in Asakusa below, we hope you will be able to remember our tours!!  

Asakusa AM Group A

Asakusa AM Group B

Asakusa AM Group C

Asakusa PM Group A

Asakusa PM Group B

In Ueno Park, leaves of large trees have gradually come to show a deep green color.   I  hope guests could find comfortable sunshades of leaves in the Park.   

Ueno Park Group A

Ueno Park Group B

As mentioned precisely in the previous blog, the day of this tour July 9th and following day July 10th were “46,000 days fair” which means “just one day of visiting Senso-ji worth 46,000 days of benefits”.    This number of days corresponds to 126 years, which covers more than a lifetime!!  I’m sure that all the guests participated and the guides received fruitful good fortunes from Senso-ji.

On these two days, more than 200 stalls are lined up in the precincts selling potted “Hozuki” .   The shape looks like a lantern, and inside is a cherry-like red fruit.    It is said that if you get one for your home, it will drive away evils and welcome fortunes.  

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Thank you again for choosing TFWT tours and looking forward to having the opportunity to meet you again!!

(Posted by Masao)