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Asakusa and Ueno Tour on April 30, 2023

Asakusa and Ueno Tour on April 30, 2023

When we arrived at the starting point it was raining and windy. We wondered how many guests could come. Our worries disappeared when 22 guests from 7 countries turned up to join our AM tour. Anyway, Asakusa is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Tokyo, isn’t it?

The rain stopped soon after we started. Thanks to the rain, the temple area was not so crowded. It turned out to be a good day for the tour.

In the PM tour of Asakusa we received 6 guests from 3 countries. Adding Ueno tour numbers of 8 guests to these, we received 36 guests from 9 countries of Italy, Argentine, Phillippienes, Singapore, USA, Israel, UK, Germany and Spain in all April 30 tours.

Skytree is the tallest tower in the world, 634m high from the ground.

Nakamise, a narrow shopping street on the approach to the temple, is good for finding souvenirs and tasting some traditional street foods.

Our guide explaining the history of the temple.

The origin of the Sensoji temple goes back to 7th century. The legend says that when two brothers were fishing in the river, they caught a holy statue of Kannon in the net. After they brought it back to the village, the village head built a temple for the statue. Since then, Kannon, the goddess of mercy, attracted a lot of people from across the region to the temple. The temple grew bigger and bigger. Asakusa town flourished. Later, the people of Asakusa built a shrine to honor these three founders of Asakusa. This year, people in town will hold Sanja Matsuri on the third weekend of May (19-21), after cancelling three years in a row due to covid. Sanja means three enshrined founders and matsuri means festival. These three mikoshis (miniature shrines) are dedicated to the three founders spirit and will be used in the parade of the festival.

In Ueno tour we held in the afternoon we received 8 guests from 4 countries. We hope that they all enjoyed the historical tour of Ueno Park.

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