Asakusa Tour Report: November 6, 2016


9:30 in the morning Asakusa was not as crowded as you would expect on such a beautiful Sunday in autumn.

I started out with the first guest of the day with my team mate. The three of us first climbed to the top of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, where we were able to have a good view of the entire area. We then went on to see the Senso-ji temple and the Asakusa shrine.

What I find interesting is how this temple and shrine, two facilities of different religions, can coexist in the same premises sharing the stories of their origins. It is also a very difficult topic to explain accurately and clearly, and I hope I cleared up at least some of our guest’s questions!

Asakusa tour is still a new activity for us at Tokyo Free Walking Tour, and we very much welcome your feedback. It is conducted on a non-regular basis, and we will post on our website when we schedule our next tour.


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