Asakusa Tour Report on Sept 24, 2017


Thank you for joining our tour in Asakusa on September 24. It was lovely weather at the beginning of autumn. We welcomed seven friendly people from Britain, Mexico, Uruguay and Philippines. Nakamise shopping street was congested with people as usual.

A group,B groupC group 集団

‘Kappabashi Tool Street’ is known as Japan’s largest kitchen tool street. Annual festival will be held from Oct.6 until Oct.12. Tens of thousands of people are expected to gather,particularly during the holiday weekend with the events and parades. There are about 170 specialized shops and most of them will have a sale. Kitchen utensils will be available at reasonable prices. You may be able to find a bargain.

St. 1

The categories of products are everything needed by restaurants  without fresh food. You will find specialized stores such as dishes, pans and plastic food samples. Plastic food samples of sushi and tempura look interesting, real and delicious. They are an ideal souvenir for tourists to buy. When you are tired, a fashionable cafe is available.

                                                               (  Maiduru pro)
The origin of the street is that several people started the second-hand tool shops in 1912. ‘Kappabashi’ is named after a merchant Kihachi ‘Kappa’ya(raincoat seller) who was engaged in   the waterway project 200 years ago. However, the street people took the different ‘Kappa'(the same pronunciation), water-dwelling creature of the Japanese folklore and its statue was erected as an official mascot, because Kappa is considered to bring business prosperity. Interestingly a cucumber is said to be Kappa’s favorite food(vegetarian?)


Kappabashi is located near Asakusa about 10 minutes walk from Sensoji Temple toward Ueno. If you are around, Kappabashi Tool Festival is really unique and recommendable to visit.

(posted by Yoshi)