“Asakusa” Trial Tour Report on Sep.11,2016


Thank you for all our guests who joined “September 11 Asakusa Trial Tour “.                       The guests were from U.S.A , India, Malaysia, Chile, Canada, Israel and Mexico.      Nakamise shopping street was very  clowded as usual.                                                         So TFWT flag was the great landmark for us.  There were  several curious buildings           and items,  and a lot of histories in Asakusa.    As several Gods  were  guarding  the  Sensoji  Temple,  we  could   safely  looked around     there.

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.                                          TFWT’s  regular tour of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is held on every                 Saturday 13:00-15:00. You are in Tokyo, please come and join our regular tour.                   And also please visit our website, tripadvisor and facebook.

(reported by Keiko N)




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