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Asakusa & Ueno Tours on 23 July 2023


Thank you for joining the tours of that day. On that day, at Asakusa, we hosted 9 guests from Singapore, Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, and India in the morning, and 5 guest from Singapore and Spain in the afternoon, and at Ueno Park, we hosted 5 guests from Sweden and Belgium including a very adorable child.

I hope all of you enjoyed and shared interesting conversations with us during the tour. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached to remember the fun times we had. 

It was very hot so we endured the scorching weather during the tour. When you visit Japan summertime, don’t forget to go out with a hat and something to drink with you.

The two tour locations we hosted on that day are connected by the subway (underground) route which was Japan’s first subway route opened in 1927.

We mainly describe the spots in the tours as Japanese traditional objects such as temples, shrines, prayer, and fortune telling but Asakusa and Ueno are the very places innovation took place.

In Asakusa, you can view the world tallest independent televising tower, Sky Tree whose height is 634 meters. But Asakusa had Japan’s tallest tower building until a century ago called Asakusa 12 but that was destroyed by the earthquake occurred in September 1923. The image of the tower is exhibited on the top floor of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, where you can view the Sky Tree.

Ueno Park not only has temples and shrines but several museums and a zoo, which were the most advanced facilities at the time of opening late 19th century. When we guide there, we explain to guests not only the history of traditional matters but how Japan was modernized in this place.

This entrance gate of the Ueno Zoo is the symbolic scenery of tradition and innovation co-existing in the same place. The five-storey pagoda in the zoo was built in 17th century, a remaining wooden made pagoda since feudal era which was a part of the Toshogu shrine located next to the zoo. The pagoda was a Buddhist symbol so in modern time due to the movement of separation of Shintoism and Buddhism, which were often mixed in feudal era, it was separated from the shrine and then has stood on a part of the zoo premise.

(Pagoda viewed from Toshogu shrine behind the fence. Over the fence is the zoo premise. In the past the pagoda was on the shrine premise. This photo was taken in Autumn. )

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