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Tour Report of East Garden of Imperial Palace on 12th June, 2024

  • 2024.06.13

Thank you for choosing our tour at East Garden of Imperial Palace on 12th June , 2024. We welcomed 11 guests from Australia, Spain, US, Canada and Germany. I hope all of you enjoyed and shared interesting conversations with us during the tour. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached to remember the fun times we had. Iris garden is in full bloom, and we enjoyed the dreamy flower garden. Iris is a garden plant that has been crossbred in various ways mainly by samurai in the late Edo period. So far, more than 5,000 varieties have been created, and there is a wide variety of colors and shapes. The irises bloom only three days. At the East Garden of Imperial Palace, you can appreciate the ephemeral beauty of colorful clusters created with the utmost care so that different varieties are next to each other. About once every two months, the Imperial Guard Band holds an outdoor concert at lunchtime in the Garden. Concerts are held irregularly, so if you run into one, you’re lucky. On this day, there were 5 fun performances. The announcement of the song introduction is in Japanese, English and Chinese.  We enjoyed an early […]

That walking tour is so much fun and really informative! Tour report of June 2nd in Meiji-JIngu and Harajuku street.

  • 2024.06.02

Hey guys! Coming to Japan? The best way to enjoy Tokyo is with local friends who know their stuff. No friends in Japan? No worries!We’re Tokyo Free Walking Tour, a non-profit group of English-speaking guides. We love sharing cool facts about Japanese history and culture, and meeting people from all over the world. Our tours are 100% free—no tips, no fees. Curious about our walking tour? Today, we explored Meiji-jingu and Harajuku. Meiji-jingu is near Shibuya, where you’ll probably check out the crazy scramble crossing and Hachiko statue—I love that spot!Meiji-jingu is a Shinto shrine, and visiting it is a great way to understand Japan. Even if you’re not Shinto, everyone is welcome. Today, we split into three groups. My group included a fun couple from France and a cool guy from Canada, along with two middle-aged local guys and a young local woman as guides. Three guests, three guides. Since we’re non-commercial, we have lots of local guides, so you get to chat with a bunch of locals during the tour. We walked to the main shrine building and greeted the deities in the local way. Along the way, we exchanged lots of tips and ideas. Our guests asked […]

Come and join the fun! Tour Report of the Imperial Palace East Garden on 25 May, 2024

  • 2024.05.26

Hi, guys! Planning a trip to Tokyo? Why not join our super fun and free walking tour? We’re Tokyo Free Walking Tour (TFWT), a lively group of English-speaking locals who are passionate about Japanese traditions and love meeting people from around the world. Today, we had an awesome walking tour of the Imperial Palace East Garden. Ten of our enthusiastic guides welcomed 24 wonderful guests from all over the world at Tokyo Station. We split into four groups, with 2 or 3 guides per group, making sure everyone got a personalized experience. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for a stroll. First, we walked through the modern Tokyo business district.  Then, we explored samurai castle towers, castle gates, old guard houses, stone walls, and a beautiful Japanese garden. Along the way, we shared fascinating historical backgrounds. One guide explained with visual material, while another tailed captivating stories. We also wandered through a Japanese garden bursting with irises and azaleas. Our tours are about more than just about history—they’re fun! With our small groups and multiple guides, there’s plenty of time to chat about food, culture, and swap fun stories. It’s like hanging out with new Japanese friends! After 2 and […]

The Imperial Palace East Gardens Tour on Wednesday 29th January 2020

  • 2020.01.31

Thank you for joining our tour at the Imperial Palace East Gardens on Wednesday 29th January 2020. We welcomed 8 guests from the UK, USA and Australia. I hope all of you enjoyed the tour in the warm sunshine, as it had been cold and wet for a few days earlier this week. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached.   Your feedback is important and helpful to us. We would appreciate if you could post your review about our tours on our TripAdvisor or Facebook. Once again, thank you for choosing Tokyo Free Walking Tour during your precious time in Tokyo.   Have you taken a taxi in Tokyo? Nihon Kotsu, one of the largest taxi companies in Tokyo, has announced that all 1,500 vehicles of the company have been replaced by new-type Toyota JPN TAXI. JPN TAXI, released by Toyota in 2017, is designed specifically for hackney carriages. Compared with conventional sedans, it has more space for passengers in the rear seats. According to a survey by Nihon Kotsu, 86% of passengers who tried JPN TAXI was satisfied with the larger cabin.     Taxi drivers in Japan need a Class II (high-class) driving licence. Compared to […]


  • 2019.04.03

The most popular season chosen by inbound visitors was “spring”, however we are not literally talking about their favorite season here.  This is the result of a Japanese Kanji character survey designed and conducted by a volunteer tourism organization in Tokyo Japan, Tokyo Free Walking Tour (hereafter TFWT). Here is the survey: Have a look at these 4 Japanese Kanji characters. “春“ ”夏“ ”秋“ ”冬“ Which of the 4 catch your attention, and why?  This survey was conducted in a face to face style between October 14, 2018 and March 9, 2019 towards TFWT tour guests who were new to Japanese Kanji characters.  As a result, most guests pointed out “春” (43%) as the eye-catching character, followed by “秋“(25%), “冬“(18%), and “夏” (13%). To many of foreign visitors, “春 (HARU = spring)” seemed eye-catching because, “it looks like a house” or “it is symmetrical”.  Next popular Kanji character was “秋 (AKI =autumn)” as it “looks like lovers cuddling.  Some chose “冬 (FUYU = winter)” because of “its clean-cut and simple shape”, while others chose “夏 (NATSU = summer)” because “of its unique shape”. Here are more interesting responses: “夏 looks like a lantern” (by a guest from Australia). “冬 looks like a fish” […]

TFWT experiences a 4 Days voluntary workforce at the Imperial Palace (Oct.23-26)

  • 2018.11.02

Dreams come true. Tokyo Free Walking Tour(TFWT) won a lottery to take part in the Imperial voluntary workforce from October 23 to 26. Finally, 18 guides of us could participate in this volunteer service. This workforce is run by the Imperial Household Agency and citizen aged from 15 to 75 years old are able to apply by groups. (only by groups, not by individuals) It has a high reputation for mostly two reasons and countless groups come from all over our Japan to take part in this workforce. (1) Their Majesties the Imperor and Impress sincerely makes time to meet people as far as they are available.(Even Their Magesties are quite busy, they continue their greetings.) (2) During the workforce term, to complete the work, you may be allowed to enter some restricted area which are usually not open to public. So as other groups, TFWT eagered to take part in the volunteer. The volunteer first started at 1947 by young volunteers to help cleaning up the devastated area burnt down by World War II in 1947. Since then, Emperor Hirohito(current Emperor Akihito’s father) and his consort, Empress Koujun started meeting people and the custom been taken until today. For this […]