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Cherry Blossom Viewing : Tour Report of The East Garden of the Imperial Palace on March 23rd,2024

Cherry Blossom Viewing : Tour Report of The East Garden of the Imperial Palace on March 23rd,2024

Thank you for choosing our East Garden of the Imperial Palace tour on March 23rd,2024 We welcomed 20 guests from US, UK, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Dominican and Chile. I hope all of you enjoyed  and shared interesting conversations with us during the tour.  As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached to remember the fun times we had. 



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In Japan, cherry blossoms are in season from around late March to late April. The forecast for cherry blossom blooming in 2024 of Tokyo is March 24th. That is tomorrow. Today is beginning to bloom for 20 %. Somei Yoshino cherry trees are belonging to the Rose family, representing over 300 types of cherry blossoms in Japan. The name Somei Yoshino comes from the fact that it was improved and made by craftsmen in Somei Village,  Toshima Ward, Tokyo. Japanese people love cherry flower because it is a fleeting and beautiful and is symbolizing the arrival of spring. These flowers fall only in two weeks.

Hanami is “Cherry Blossom Viewing”. In spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, people picnic under the trees. Sometimes the parties  last late into the night and can become quite lively. It is a traditional Japanese custom in spring. There are  cheerful parties beneath cherry trees in full bloom all part of Japan.

But in this Imperial Palace East Garden drinking alcohol, eating and singing are prohibited. Since sports and drinking are prohibited, luckily it is rarely crowded. It is a well-kept secret spot. We can enjoy cherry blossom viewing gently.

Nowadays, cherry blossom viewing means cherry trees, but in the Nara period it was plums and peaches.

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