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Day Tour of Asakusa and Ueno Park on October 23


Many thanks for joining us on our tours at Asakusa in the morning and Ueno Park in the afternoon on October 23. We welcomed 9 guests from the U.S.A., India, the Netherlands, and the Philippines. It was a tremendous opportunity for us to meet wonderful guests from many countries and share interesting conversations. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached so that you can remember the fun times we had during the tour.

Our guests challenged the fortune slip. Unfortunately, some members got bad luck “Kyo”, then tied the strip on a branch of a tree and left it. You don’t need to be seriously concerned about it. Because no more bad situations will happen from now on. Think positive!!

Look at the enormous sandal at Hozo-mon Gate. The size of the feet of Niou Guardians can be estimated from the size of the straw sandal.
Do you know the religious difference between Asakusa Shrine and Senso-ji Temple? If you would like to know, let’s join our tour. Our guides will kindly explain.

The Ueno Toshogu shrine was quite luxuriously built to show the dignity of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Tokyo National Museum (TOHAKU) is the oldest and largest museum in Japan. To commemorate its 150th anniversary, 89 national treasures in the Tohaku collections are now open to the public from 18th October to 11th December. This is a very rare opportunity, then we highly recommend visiting if possible. Advance reservations with a specific date and time online are required. The admission fee is 2,000 JPY for adults.

The combined tour with Asakusa in the morning and Ueno Park in the afternoon is not mandated, but it is just our recommendation. You can choose either of the tours as you wish.

Once again, thank you for choosing Tokyo Free Walking Tour during your precious time in Tokyo. In case you happen to be back in Tokyo, please join another one of our tours. Your feedback is important and helpful to us. If you enjoyed our tour, please consider posting a review on TripAdvisor/Facebook, etc. Your comments will help contribute to higher-quality tours.

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