East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace ( Mar. 11th morning)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


Plums at International Christian University last month

The plum blooms are almost over, and now we are counting down the days for the cherry blossoms.

March 11th was a fine day and I went with a family of four from Singapore. There were two schoolboys, always a challenge for me because its now very difficult to remember what I was interested in back when I was their age. My sincere hopes that they found not only our tour but also their stay in Japan as something pleasant to remember!

It was also a special tour in that our team was joined by members of Explore Japan – an organization run by high school students to  train volunteers and tour guides. They are quite impressive and they have custom tours, so I suggest you take a look at their website for your next visit to Japan.



Visitors to Japan has steadily been growing over the past year with 28.7M in 2017, and the government has a goal of increasing the figure to  40M in 2020. As such, we are continuously trying to improve our tour.

Sunday morning tour is such a trial, we are trying to figure out what day/time best suit travelers from abroad.

Do you prefer Saturday mornings when places are less crowded? Or would you rather sleep late because you hop bars on Friday nights?

Drop us your comments on our Facebook and TripAdvisor page, and help us make a better tour for our guests!