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Emperor and Empress at Tokyo station

Emperor and Empress at Tokyo station

“Early bird catches the worm.”
Now I can prove, this is definitely true.
On this morning(June 9th), we welcomed guests from Israel, Indonesia, India and USA.  We could just share the unforgettable time and encounter with Their Magesties.
Thanks to our wonderful 5 guests!!

“ Can you see the central entrance of the Tokyo station? This is the entrance for the Imperial family use.” “A street called ‘Gyoko-dori’ is located just in front of the Tokyo station Marunouchi -side. It is the straight and shortest path which takes you to the front of the Imperial palace.” “‘GYOKO’ means the official visit for the imperior and ‘Dori’ means the path, so ‘GYOKO-dori’ means the path for the imperior when going out to make an official visit to somewhere”.
These are the kind of ways we always try to explain about the royal part of the station and path.  But…who could imagine that a day would actually come to face this entire situation?  A sudden opportunity to meet the royal highness on our very familiar guide route…

This day, their Majesties the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were to embark from this Tokyo station to attend the National Arbor Day held in Fukushima . We happened to encounter that situation while we were waiting for our guests at Tokyo station. As we usually see on media, their Magesties were waving and smiling to the pedestrians  while their car slided into the station. Then they greeted the stationmaster and finally gave us a friendly wave and smile again at both sides of the entrance. Usually the door is closed, but for the first time,  we could see a red carpet inside the entrance.

But in actual, the schedule of their Majesties  3 days visit to Fukushima seemed to be very busy.  They had an aside schedule to attend the mourn to the victims or a visit to the Tohoku’s revival.  For this seven years, they have come more often to Tohoku  to learn about the present situation of the devastated district in details of the disaster stricken-area (by the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2011).   Their Magesties also worries about the nuclear plant and the surrounded area for a long time.
This is because the residents had to keep out from the area and could not go home.
On the other hand, their visit to Tohoku might be the last while they are ‘His Magesty’.
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko are 84 years old now. The crown will be passed to the Highness Prince next spring.

Even at the East gardens of the Imperial Palace, you could see and feel many
heritage of Their Magesties. As they wish to welcome the visitors from bottom of their hearts, so many part of the garden comes from the suggestion of His Magesty.
There are less fences inside the garden(His Majesty do not prefer fences),
you can see tiny placards on each trees or flowers to recognize their species easy,
you can also enjoy an orchard full of fruit trees (some of them are Edo species, very unusual) and at the Japanese Garden you can see long-fin carps.(hybrid with Indonesian carps).
Please come join our tour.
We are looking forward to walk around “their Magesties” beautiful garden each time with you.

(posted by Nori)