East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining Tokyo Free Working Tour on Nov.24th.
We welcomed a total of 24 guests from: US(10), Canada(2), UK(1), Spain(2), Tunisia(1), Singapore(4), Manila(2) and Australia(2). Last Saturday was a  bit cloudy and cold but it was still an enjoyable tour course with beautiful  autumn views.

In some areas of the garden, we could enjoy cherry blossoms. Of course cherry blossom season is in spring but this cherry blooms two times per year. There are lots of special flora and fauna inside the imperial palace, . You also can enjoy special Nishiki-koi (Colored carp) in a  pond in the  Ninomaru area. This carp fish is a hybrid between a long tail fin type from Indonesia and a traditional Japanese  one from Emperor Akihito who is an  ichthyologist. Last week, emperor and empress released 9 hybrid Nishiki-Koi carps in the  pond before stepping down next year.

During the tour, we also could enjoy chatting  with our guests. Sharing time and talking about my country for guests is my one of my motivations to be a volunteer tour guide. This time, one guest said that he lost his JR pass during his stay but in spite of his bad luck he visited many places to climb mountains. I felt sorry for him but he also told me he could enjoy Japan so much so that I was  relieved. Basically, Japan is quite safe and most cases lost property is returned  to the owner.  I lost my smart phone a few times but they came back to me from their trip. Not only my  smart phone but also my JR pass, brand bag etc..! On the other hand, I picked up brand new smart phone on the pedestrian crossing and brought  it to police box last month. It’s normal. So if you find a lost item during your stay in Japan, please take it to the nearest koban/police box for the owner!

Again, imperial palace has a lot of flora and fauna. We guarantee all four season can be enjoyable so please come again and lets chat together in our tour!

(posted by Miyuki)