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Enjoyed green in the heart of Tokyo: The East Garden of Imperial Palace Tour on June 29, 2019

Enjoyed green in the heart of Tokyo: The East Garden of Imperial Palace Tour on June 29, 2019

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on June 29. We welcomed 15 guests from UK(2), Spain(3), USA(5), Germany(1), Canada(2), and Argentina(2). We divided them in to 4 groups. The weather was raining at the beginning but the rain let up during our tour.

Once we got into East Garden, we totally forgot we were in the center of Tokyo. It was totally covered with fresh and bright green, the moisture helped to make its green much more vibrant. In the main field of East Garden, the construction for new Emperor’s traditional ceremony, Dijyo-sai, in November is on going, but we could cover the most of the viewpoints of the tour.

East Garden is originated by Edo-Jyo (Edo Castle). Although there is some reconstructed old buildings, it remains mostly original Edo-Jyo’s stonewalls. Walking in the East Garden requires your imagination like how was the Japanese life, how was the social systems, how the Edo-Jyo was on those days and etc. This tour is not only 2 hours garden walk but also a trip to Edo era in your mind.

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All of our 4 groups enjoyed walking trough the moisture forest. Our tour is mostly held in 3 to 5 guests with 2 to 3 guides sharing about East Garden, Edo Castle, and Japanese history. During our tour, we welcome our guests to share about Japan, so whatever you want to know about Japan it may be a great timing to clear your wonders on Japan out. Some asked about greeting phrase in Japanese, others asked about commuting, family events… It will be beyond guidebooks. It is the most pleasant moment for us to ensure our guests discover “Japan”.

(Reported by Norico)