Ueno Park

Explore exquisite Ueno Park on July 28

Ueno Park


July 28 is the day for the walking tour at Ueno Park with Tokyo Free Walking Tour. You walk past the various attractive museums representing the Japan’s largest Tokyo National Museum and the 400-year-old gorgeous Shinto shrine, Buddhist temple and the charming five-storied wooden pagoda. In addition, you will learn about the historic civil wars which accelerated the modernization of Japan. There are a lot of other interesting sites and spots together with the stories behind them.


Shinobazu Pond, part of Ueno Park is famous for the flowering lotus leaves in summer. You will have so much fun you forget about the time. Lotus flowers reach blooming peak from now and thru August, but blossoming time is just in the morning. The flowers fade around noon. You need to wake up early in the morning if you would like to see them. Louts leaves grow in muddy water and are regarded as a symbol of purity in Buddhism.

Discover nature and culture with us at Ueno Park. We offer the unique experience with the amazing guides. The tour takes about two hours. This is a free tour. No fee or reservation needed and just turn up between Park exit of JR Ueno Station and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan at 1:30pm on July 28. Accessible from Tokyo Metro and Keisei Line as well. See you then.


(posted by Yoshi)