East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Hanabie is essential for Cherry blossoms(Weekday tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on March 26th)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


Thank you for coming our weekday tour of the East Garden of the Imperial place on 26th March. We welcomed 20 people from USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, and Israel. We divided the guests into 3 groups and started tour respectively.


It was cloudy and a little bit colder than the day before that day. But many people came to the East Garden of Imperial Palace to watch and enjoy cherry blossoms. We also enjoyed the cherry blossoms during the tour. The tour on that day, we had two kids guests. They also enjoyed charm hunting with us. Thank you for joining our charm hunting tour!

Now cherry blossoms is going on all over the Japan. It is getting warmer and warmer. However, in the season of the cherry blossoms, sometimes cold weather returns. This weather phenomenon is called “Hanabie” in Japanese. “Hanabie” is so helpful to keep cherry blossoms much longer. If there is no “Hanabie” in this season, cherry blossoms is going to finish earlier. Thanks to the “Hanabie”, we can enjoy cherry blossoms longer than we expected.

“Hanabie” will come in this weekend. Stay warm and enjoy Hanami!

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posted by Yumi.H