East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much for joining our tour on 4th January. It was the very honorable first tour to East Garden of the Imperial Palace by TFWT in 2020. It was a little bit chilly but good sunny day for walking around outside. We welcomed 17 guests from Singapore, South Africa, USA, Germany, India and France. We really appreciate choosing our volunteer tour to spend your valuable time during stay in Tokyo and hope you enjoyed New Year’s quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.


During the tour today, I heard our guests talking to each other about Japanese Ramen, like which Ramen shop have you been to so far in Tokyo and what style of Ramen do you like best? Ramen is a popular Japanese dish of wheat noodles and comes in many varieties. Let me list up some common types of ramen below.

  • Shoyu Ramen (Soy source flavored ramen and normally the taste is not too thick. It is common all over in Japan)
  • Tonkotsu Ramen (It uses pork bone broth and rich taste. Kyushu is famous for Tonkotsu Ramen)
  • Miso Ramen (Soybeans flavored ramen. Hokkaido is famous for Miso Ramen)

There are many other types of Ramen in Japan because a lot of Ramen shops create unique different styles and tastes of Ramen to compete each other nowadays. It would be worth queuing one of the popular ramen shops to find your favorite one by yourself. One of the recommendations is “Tokyo Ramen Street” which is located in the basement of Tokyo Station. You are spoilt for choice there!! Well, it seems to be time for me to finish writing this blog and grab something to eat now. What am I going to eat? Of course, Cup noodles!?

We always welcome you & do our best for our guests to add happy memory of Japan.For more details, please visit our websiteFacebookand Tokyo Free Walking Tour at https://tripadvisor.com !

(reported by Massa)