Happy New Year to all of our friends in various places in the world. We appreciate your having keen interest in Japanese culture, history, customs, and people in 2018, and we hope you to have more in 2019.

Year 2019 has just started, and our free walking tour also stared its regular operation. January 5th is the day of our first tour in 2019, and we welcomed 24 guests from Australia, Argentina, Singapore, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Denmark, and US. Thank you for sharing good time with us in such a wonderful condition under clear sky and in warm climate.


It is often mentioned that a good thing about Japan is there are 4 distinct seasons, and every season appeals in its unique way. Winter season in Ninomaru Garden is excessive case. Please look at this breath taking photo. You may sense the sound of silence from the scene.


Look at the family below. It is our biggest pleasure to witness such a wonderful scene, like confirming strong family tie, and having fun with Instant Kimonos.

In 2019, there are many things going to happen in Japan. The new Emperor will take a position on May 1st, and many related events will be hold before and after the day. Count down to Tokyo Olympic Game keeps ticking, and many associated events will happen. Also Rugby Football World Cup will take place in autumn.

If you have been thinking of coming to Japan but not yet made it happen, it’s time to make up your mind. If you have already visited Japan before, you will find more next time. We welcome you all!

(By Takeshi)

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