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Metro Marks in Tokyo: The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 14th Sep 2019

Metro Marks in Tokyo: The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 14th Sep 2019

Thanks to all the guests for joining the tour and having a good time with us on 14th September! We welcomed 34 guests and divided into 2 groups. Our group welcomed 18 guests and another group welcomed 16 guests. It’s larger than usual because it’s fine day for walking.



Guests enjoyed the tour and talking with other guests in same group.

Guests also enjoyed simple wearing Kimono at the tour end.

Guests give us lots of questions during the tour, but most interesting question today was about Metro train.

A guest wants to buy one day ticket for his sightseeing in Tokyo. Tokyo Metro offers reasonable one day ticket pass. However problem is that there are two metro train companies in Tokyo, Tokyo Metro and Toei Metro, and the reasonable ticket is available for Tokyo Metro only. He gave me a question how to know the Metro entrance which his ticket is available for?

I couldn’t answer it immediately but I got the answer with help of other guides.

Tokyo Metro’s mark is like character “M”, and Toei Metro’s mark is a ginkgo leaf. (Gingko tree is the represent tree of Tokyo Metropolitan.)

Metro companies also sell other type of one day ticket pass which is available for both Metro trains. So please select which ticket is better for your trip and find Metro entrance marks!

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(Reported by Nao)