East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

No more Sakura, but another beautiful flowers here in Tokyo

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for the guests who kindly joined our afternoon tour on 9th of June. We had 19 guests from six countries, divided into three groups.


I do this guide volunteering from several years, and believed I’ve known well the area which has beautiful flower or the best season to see them. However, it was false. I was arrogant. Thanks to one of our guest’s suggestion, I saw a beautiful big Magnolia flower on the tour route for the first time on last Saturday. It boomed beautifully, solemnly, and its sweet smell made us happy.

Cherry blossoms season is over, but we still at a best season to see beautiful flowers in Tokyo. For example, you can enjoy beautiful irises at Ninomaru Park here in our tour. Speaking of iris, I went to another famous iris garden last weekend. It was Horikiri Iris Garden in Katsushika-ku. One of famous Ukiyoe painters in Edo era, Hiroshige Utagawa (1797-1858), drew an Ukiyoe paint under the theme an iris at that garden. This park is also free entrance.


We have rainy season: usually starts from early Jun and ends around late July. Most Japanese doesn’t like such rainy season, but I like it. I like hydrangea very much. Believe me; the color of the flower reflects the best in the rainy day, under dark and wetly air. I guess the color of petal is also a bit dark, so that’s why. Also, I have another the reason why I love hydrangea. It is my birthday flower, in June. I thank everybody and everything involved in my life.


(Posted by Katsumi)


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