Tour Report on Nov. 6th (Meiji Shrine and Harajuku tour)

  • 2022.11.17

Do you know how to pray at the Japanese Shrine?? Many thanks to 5 guests participating in the tour to Meiji Jingu shrine and Harajuku on Nov. 6th. They came from the UK and Singapore. We split into 3 groups.  We totally enjoyed a refreshing autumn day at this shrine, which is located in the middle of the city but surrounded by nature. For more than 300 years, chrysanthemum planting has been a part of the traditional culture of the Japanese people. There are also many of the family with little kids celebrating their coming to age of three, five or seven, which is called “Shich-go-san”. After taking a look around the traditional shrine area, we also enjoyed to go out to the modern city site known as Harajuku area! The next tour will be held on DEC. 18th, 2022.  We are looking forward to booking many of you on the following sites: Our website –> https://tfwt.jp/top/meiji-shrine-and-harajuku/ , https://www.facebook.com/TokyoFWT or Tokyo Free Walking Tour at https://www.tripadvisor.jp/ . Thank you.

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on Nov.16th, 2022

  • 2022.11.16

Thank you for choosing our tour at the East gardens of the Imperial Palace on Nov.16th,2022. We welcomed 2 guests from Singapore and Chile. I hope all of you enjoyed the tour.It was such a beautiful day.Now is the beginning of the best autumn leaves’ season. You can enjoy various autumn leaves here at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. We talked a lot about historical background of the gardens. And Guests’ talked about their countries and we shared wonderful time together. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached to remember the fun times we had.Your feedback is important and helpful to us. If you enjoyed our tour, please considerposting a review on our TripAdvisor/Facebook etc. Your comments will help contributeto higher-quality tours. Once again, thank you for choosing Tokyo Free Walking Tourduring your precious time in Tokyo. In case you happen to be back in Tokyo, pleasejoin another one of our tours.For more information about our tour, please visit our web site athttps://tfwt.jp/top/east-gardens-of-the-imperial-palace/ ,https://www.facebook.com/TokyoFWTor Tokyo Free Walking Tour at https://www.tripadvisor.jp/ .It was very nice to have you with us and hope to see you again!! (posted by Sakamoto)

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour on November 5th, 2022

  • 2022.11.06

Thank you for choosing our tour at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on Nov. 5th. We welcomed 5 guests from UK and Israel. I hope all of you enjoyed our tour and shared with us interesting conversation of history and culture for a few hours. We’ve posted group photos and snapshots so that you can look back on the fun times we had. It was a warm and comfortable day. Leaves were beginning to change color. We could enjoy autumn leaves, flowers, and a lot of fruits in orchards. Near the orchards we could see Asarum leaves. Asarum is the motif of the Tokugawa Shogun family crest. We can see Tokugawa Family crests on the roof tiles of a guardhouse of Edo castle. Once again, thank you so much for joining us on our tour. We enjoyed talking with guests and learned a lot from them. We always make efforts to improve our tours and highly appreciate your feedback on our TripAdvisor/Facebook etc. Your comments motivate us to continue our volunteer activities. We’d love to see you again! Thank you! (posted by Kaori)

Day Tour of Asakusa and Ueno Park on October 23

  • 2022.10.25

Many thanks for joining us on our tours at Asakusa in the morning and Ueno Park in the afternoon on October 23. We welcomed 9 guests from the U.S.A., India, the Netherlands, and the Philippines. It was a tremendous opportunity for us to meet wonderful guests from many countries and share interesting conversations. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached so that you can remember the fun times we had during the tour. Our guests challenged the fortune slip. Unfortunately, some members got bad luck “Kyo”, then tied the strip on a branch of a tree and left it. You don’t need to be seriously concerned about it. Because no more bad situations will happen from now on. Think positive!! Tokyo National Museum (TOHAKU) is the oldest and largest museum in Japan. To commemorate its 150th anniversary, 89 national treasures in the Tohaku collections are now open to the public from 18th October to 11th December. This is a very rare opportunity, then we highly recommend visiting if possible. Advance reservations with a specific date and time online are required. The admission fee is 2,000 JPY for adults. The combined tour with Asakusa in the morning and Ueno Park […]

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour on October 22nd, 2022.

  • 2022.10.24

Many thanks for joining our tour at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on October 22nd. We welcomed 9 guests from U.K , Portugal, Malaysia, U.S.A  and Netherlands. We started the tour from Tokyo station and enjoyed walking though the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace for about 2 hours.  It was such a comfortable day for walking. Now it’s autumn in Japan.      I feel a little bit cold.  Some guests may have felt so warm.   OH!! OH!!  What a huge world. It was a great opportunity for us to meet wonderful guests from all over the world and to share  interesting conversations. Group photos and snapshots are attached so that you can remember the calm time we had in the park. During your stay in Japan, please enjoy taste of autumn like new rice,  Shine Muscat Grape,  and chestnut sundae or parfait . Thank you again for your joining our tour. Next time you are in Tokyo, please come to another tours  Asakusa,  Ueno  and  Meijijingu shrine. We ‘d love to see you again. Thank you!! (posted by Keiko N)

Weekday Tour of the East Gardens of Imperial Palace on October 12

  • 2022.10.15

Thank you for choosing our weekday tour at East Garden of the Imperial Palace on 12 Oct. We welcomed 5 guests from Canada and Israel. We hope all of you enjoyed it. It was cloudy and a bit colder than usual, but we were so happy we didn’t use umbrella during the tour. As promised, we post group photos and snapshots here to remember the fun times we shared. Ninomaaru garden is a beautiful Japanese style garden where we can stroll around it. We enjoyed watching carp in the pond and looking contrast between modern building and Japanese traditional landscape. Our guest told us useful information that Montreal has a Japanese garden and people live in there can enjoy Cherry Blossoms in spring. That sounds great!   By the way our tour starts at the Tokyo Station. Japanese railways was found at 14th October in 1872. Now we celebrate 150th Anniversary of Japanese railways! Opening of railways 150 years ago was a symbol of Japanese modernization after the end of Edo period. Japanese railways have been still improving especially Shinkansen. Nishi kyusyu Shinkansen has just opened from Nagasaki to Takeo Onsen in Saga. Let’s take Shinkansen and visit all over […]

Long waited tour at “Old Tokyo” & “Village Of Culture” have really started, September 25 

  • 2022.09.29

Thank you for joining our tour.Finally, we welcomed some guests at our meet up point in Asakusa of Tokyo.These people came from the U.S. and India During the last week, a strong typhoon made landfall on the western part of Japan and was heading to Tokyo.We were deeply concerned about how we could safely make our tour as usual.However, our worries completely vanished when some people approached and asked us, “Are you Tokyo Free Walking Tour?We’ve waited so long for this significant moment and felt it was worth the wait.Asakusa and Ueno tour come to life again. Overlooking the entire Asakusa district from the rooftop of the Asakusa Information Center, we saw Tokyo Skytree standing appealingly against the blue sky. At the observation deck, a guide was explaining about Asakusa areas with her well-prepared materials.From this location, our 90-minute Asakusa strolling officially started. Before moving into Nakamise Street, a 250-meter shopping street, our guide passionately explained its historical background.We normally stop by to visit some notable shops in the area and show our guests items and souvenirs.One of them is a cat-shaped ornament called Maneki Neko, or a beckoning cat. Our guide eagerly explained the story about the eye-catching doll. […]

NOW ON BOOKING!   [Meiji Shrine & Harajuku Tour] Oct. 2nd, 2023, Starts from 10 am

  • 2022.09.27

Hello, everyone!  It’s looooooong time no see since the COVID came here for a couple of years… Hope you’ve been wonderful now!  Fortunately, we have opened our regular tour again finally!  We will reopen our regular tour for Meiji Shrine and Harajuku city strolling on Sunday, Oct. 2nd.  [Itinerary] 1. Meiji Shrine Main Gate (Ichi-no-torii) Sake barrels / Wine barrels Oo-torii Main Pavilion (Honden) / Sacred Tree / Votive Tablet Hall of worship (Kaguraden) / Place of worship for cars 2. Harajuku city Strolling Omote-sando street (the approach road for Meiji Shrine) Takeshita dori street (Shopping street) :The birth place of the Japanese Pop Culture.  You can also find many vintage fashion clothes and good Japanese souvenirs for your friends and family. Ota Memorial Museum (Museum for the traditional Ukiyoe wood curving printing) Any other interesting photogenic spots! [Duration] Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours Here is the site of the booking for our tour as follows: https://www.supersaas.com/schedule/TFWT/Tokyo_Free_Walking_Tour We’re looking forward to seeing you at the tour. Thank you!!

We’ve reopened East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour on Sep.24!

  • 2022.09.26

Thank you for joining us on September 24. Tokyo Free Walking Tour have reopened our tour on the day and we welcomed the first guests in this two and a half years! It was super happy for us to see and guide all of you around Tokyo station and the east garden of the Imperial Palace. First half of the tour, we walk in the modern city. Then go to an old place. One guest joined us on the way of tour. Anyone can participate anytime and any point of our tour without reservation if the tour is not full. Please try to join our tour even if you didn’t book. There is one old building named Hyakuninbansyo in the park. It was used as a guardhouse and many Ninjya were working there.  She is demonstrating how a Ninjya walks. You can enjoy to walk around the Japanese garden in the park. Some special Koi fish are in the pond. What do you think this object is? Thank you again to visit our tour. It was very very very nice to see you! We schedule more tours on October. October  2. (Sun)  Meiji Shrine and Harajyuku  at10:00 October 12. (Wed)  […]

Day tour of Asakusa and Ueno Park

  • 2022.09.17

It is a great pleasure for us to restart the walking tours in Tokyo after a two-and-a-half-year absence. The Asakusa and Ueno Park tours are scheduled on September 25. Since Asakusa and Ueno are close each other, we recommend the combined tour of Asakusa and Ueno Park. Asakusa and Ueno Park are among the major tourist spots in Tokyo. You can experience Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, the Sensoji Temple and nature and culture at one of the oldest parks in Japan, Ueno Park, with us.  9:45  Meet our friendly guides holding our flag beside the Police Box by the Kaminarimon gate of the Sensoji Temple. 10:00  Tour start at the Sensoji Temple First, we’ll go up the building of the Culture Information Tourist Center for a panoramic view of Asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree. Coming down, we will pass the Kaminarimon gate with an enormous lantern. Beyond the gate is the Nakamise Shopping Street, one of Japan’s oldest shopping streets. Then, the Hozomon gate with the massive waraji straw sandals. Right next to the gate is the five-story pagoda, a symbol of the Temple. We’ll visit the main hall of the Temple which was originally constructed 1,400 years ago. […]

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