East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on Sep.17th 2016 

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Since the crazily hot August went away, now we are supposed to be in cool autumn. But it was still hot and humid. Nevertheless we amazingly welcomed 55guests .

We split into 6groups and began the tour from Marunouchi north gate of Tokyo station at 1:00pm.(Initially the starting point was Marunouchi central gate, but it was moved to  north gate for a renovation temporally.)

This is one of the guiding points, Japan Industry Club-building. Intriguing statues are on top of it.


These are the group-photos. See below,


After the tour you can try an instant kimono. It takes about one hour to put on a normal kimono(a Japanese traditional cloth), but we have special kimono that it only takes two minutes to put on. We have ones for men and women. It sure is a good idea to wear a instant kimono to take a photo as a good memory of the tour.


Then next is your turn! Come and join us! See us at Marunouchi central or north gate(both OK) of Tokyo station by 1pm.

Akira Hoyanagi