Tour Report on 18-December , 2016 Sunday


Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour of Asakusa Course.
The weather was perfect and we were able to welcome around 15 guests.


As usual, we started guiding people to Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center in order to see better views of Asakusa areas from its rooftop.
Right after we left the Information Building, we moved into Sensoji compounds by passing through the famous gates, Kaminariomon Gate (Thunder Gate) and Hozomon Gate (Treasure Gate), and there are vendors lined up called Nakamise Street.
Our tour ended at the sight of two types of religious buildings.
One was a Buddhist temple called Sensoji Temple and the other was Shintoism building called Asakusa Shrine.
In japan, both of the religions dominate people’s belief.

Today, this Buddhist area was extraordinarily full and lively with tourists.
Fortunately, we happen to experience Hagoita Fair,( Wooden Paddle Fair )at Sensoji Templ.
Our guides were responsive to explain this traditional event on our tour.
A lot of colorful and decorative wooden paddles were being showcased on the vender’s tables and walls.
People purchase an ideal one in hope of developing their health and safety.

Originally this wooden paddle was not so decorated, and used to play a game at New Year season in which two or more people hit a shuttlecock with battledores.
Nowadays, people rarely play this traditional game, and paddles are drowned by celebrities’ images as sellable items.

By Arac