Let’s enjoy rainy season in Japan:   June 23 ASAKUSA & UENO tour


Thank you for your participation to “Tokyo Free Walking Tour – Asakusa Route & Ueno Route” on June 23 Sunday.  We welcomed 20 guests from Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Switzerland, UK & USA.

The clouds hang low all day, thus during the tours we worried when it starts to rain.

But the deity of weather was on our side!


Probably you might be aware that it is the rainy season in most part of Japan right now and we’ve been having humid weather.  Does this sound depressing? That makes sense. But let me share you some enjoyments during rainy season.

The early summer rainy season is called tsuyu and written with kanji characters meaning plum rain. Because it is the when plum trees bear fruit.  Water plants produces beautiful flowers, such as irises and water lilies.

Fireflies can be added to the attractiveness of this season.  They can be found flying about at night near the clean water’s edge, while emitting light from their lower abdomens.  The myriads of tiny blinking lights creates fantastic atmosphere.


Special ceremonies “Chinowa kuguri” are held at shrines on the last day of June as it marks the halfway point of the year. Stepping through a large hoop made of kaya (pampas-like grass) that is placed in the shrine land is said to expel misfortune.


Hope you enjoy Japan even on rainy days

(Reported by Akemi)