We  Tokyo-Free-Walking-Tour welcomed cumulative total number of 17 guests from Spain(6), UK(3), Canada(2), Austria(2), Germany(2) and France(2) to Asakusa morning / afternoon tour & Ueno Park tour held on July 14th Sunday. 

We appreciate a lot for all of the guests joining our tours and would like to express special thanks to the guests who joined plural tours of us!!

Above mentioned each area has their own unique history and traditional culture.  We have been expanding our activity from East Garden of Imperial Palace to the other areas and now we came to cover total four tours in Tokyo as shown in the map.   As you can see, Asakusa and Ueno Park are just near by which enables efficient combination.  We hope all of guests had memorable experience at our tours.

We have now a special plan of Weekday tour on coming July 17th at East Garden of Imperial Palace.  Please check “tour calendar” of this site for detail. 

Map2.002   By the way, now is still in “Tsu Yu” or rainy season in Japan.   The day was light rainy day, unfortunately.   However, good point is, this level of rain sometimes makes young green leaves more brilliant and attractive.    Also, “Tsu Yu” is a very important period for Japan to obtain a lot of water for rice cultivation and for drinking water.   From this point of view, this year is perfect!!   

Now,  “summer” must have approaching just around the corner.   Because, July 21th is the typical day of the end of “Tsu Yu” in Tokyo area based on statistics. 


Well, let me introduce one of traditional Japanese useful tool to travel comfortably  in Japan during coming hot summer season.     That is; Folding  fan called  “Sen-su”.    Various kinds of attractive drawings or characters are displayed on them.    You can find many kinds at souvenir shops and/or even in 100 yen shop!!     In addition, the shape of fan is said a “good luck charm”, because the width becomes wider and wider toward to the top.  I recommend you to get some during your stay in Japan not only for souvenir but also for your own use to make yourself comfortable!!

(posted by Masao)