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Tokyo Now #4 Asakusa Tokyo’s traditional downtown with modern energy

Tokyo Now

Tokyo Now #4 features Asakusa, one of our walking tour routes.

SENSOU-JI Temple in the rain

Sensou-ji temple in Asakusa is the oldest temple in Tokyo, established in 628. It is also one of the popular places for visitors from foreign countries and other area in Japan and its main gate, Kaminari-mon, is the symbol of Tokyo today.

Due to Covid 19, Almost all shopping stores in Nakamise in Sensou-ji temple were closed in Apr and May. May festival in this area is postponed to October.

However, not all events were suspended. Daily Buddhism service has been continued even Covid 19 disaster. The big lantern of the main gate of Sensou-ji temple was renewed in Apr 17. It has been renewed every 10 years and this is the year. In this way tradition is preserved.

Now Japan is in the rainy season. It was raining on this day when I visited after a long time.

But the new big lantern was vivid, the shopping street was opened, the voice of sutras in the temple sounded calm and strong.

I felt it is getting back to normal and am looking forward to walking and chattering with our guest in the near future.

Reported by Toyo, TFWT Asakusa route leader