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Tokyo Now #23: The flowers during rainy season are in full bloom

Tokyo Now

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace has just resumed the public opening since June 8.

It can be reached in a 10-15 minute walk from JR Tokyo Station, the gateway to Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Originally there was Edo Castle, and now the whole area of Edo Castle is called the Imperial Palace.

There is a lot of nature around the Imperial Palace and a valuable ecosystem is maintained.

I have brought my portable maccha green tea basket. Let’s take a good rest tasting green tea viewing the base of Edo Castle tower.

“Tsuyu”, early summer rainy season, has just started around Tokyo metropolitan area. Seasonal flowers are in full bloom. Best time to see iris gardens in Ninomaru Gardens.

Before leaving this gardens, why don’t we take a seat on the bench and sip another cup of maccha.

Strolling, reading books, drawing or just taking a nap? You can just enjoy this gardens as you like if your schedule allow you.