East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our walking tour on September 29th.  We welcomed 10 guests from USA, UK, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Canada even though Typhoon Charmy was approaching to Japan.  We tried to keep you dry during the tour but it was heavy rain occasionally. We really appreciated walking with us.

Typhoon Charmy was 24th typhoon in 2018.  From middle of July to August  many typhoons were continuously exist around Japan for 38 days.Since then typhoon or low pressure occurs almost every week in September.  It rained all day long and it sometimes rained suddenly.  Raincoat was not an option due to high humidity.   You have to have an umbrella in this season.  Do you think is it too much hassle to bring an umbrella when you are traveling?  Don’t worry.  When you are caught in unexpected rain showers, you can get one at convenience stores or 100 yen shops.  A plastic umbrella is very popular in Japan.  The clear plastic covering umbrella can be better than normal one to walk around sightseeing spots.  You can view outside well.  Another option is purchasing compact foldable umbrella that weight is lighter than your smartphone.  There are many kinds of compact umbrella at stores. You may find your favorite one and you can put it in your backpack everyday.  However, please keep in your mind, if it is heavy rainstorm, those umbrellas will be broken easily.  Please keep your eye on weather forecast in this season and check safety tips for travelers in Japan.  Be safe and enjoy walking in the rain!

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We have East gardens of the Imperial palace tour on every Saturday starting from Tokyo Station Marunouchi exit at 1 pm.  Also we have Asakusa tour and Meiji shrine & Harajuku tour on every other Sunday.  Check the tour schedule at our website tfwt.jp or Facebook .  We look forward to meeting you soon!

(Posted by Tomoko)