East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Rugby World Cup and Female Sushi chef, 21 September 2019, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Many thanks to 24 guests who participated in this tour from USA, UK, Scotland, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile, Bangladesh, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Cambodia, Pakistan, Germany, and Spain. We divided into 4 groups.

It was a cloudy early autumn day so we did not feel hot in the tour. Autumn is known to be season for sports in Japan because of mild climate. On previous day Rugby World Cup tournament began in Japan. Thanks to that event, we met some Rugby fans who were planning to view the games. So we can expect many more Rugby fans in our tours this coming 40 days of the tournament period. We are excited about that.


Foreign Rugby fans should enjoy energetic muscular athletes’ hard movements in the games. Big guys tackling each other is what you’re eager to see in Rugby. These are so powerful scenes.

However, there is a woman who tackled a male dominance of Japan society. She is a sushi chef in Akihabara, Tokyo. She manages a sushi bar, Nadeshiko-sushi.

Traditionally women are not allowed to work in this industry. But she tackled and became a professional sushi chef who even traveled around the world to introduce greatness of sushi.

Sushi she makes are delicious, aesthetic and gentle unlike her guts to break the stubborn tradition. She can communicate with foreign customers in English.

If you’ve already enjoyed viewing tackling of guys in Rugby games, why not enjoy sushi made by a woman who tackled hard male dominated society’s tradition and continues to introduce greatness of Japanese tradition!

Posted by Masa