East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Sept.24 1pm: Register NOW! East Gardens of the Imperial Palace tour Reopen

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Reopen of “East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour”

On this tour, you can feel the transition of times from Edo (the former name of Tokyo) to Tokyo by walking through the center of business (the first half) and the center of politics (the latter half).  We believe you will enjoy this historical walk.

The tour kicks off from Tokyo Station, the main entrance of Tokyo.

The meeting point is the Marunouchi side of the Tokyo Station Building, a classical red brick building, and one of the iconic construction of modernization of Japan in mid of 19th century.

The tour proceeds to the Imperial Palace, walking through Marunouchi, the economical center of Japan.

The west side is His Majesty the Emperor’s Residence. We escort you to the east side, “East Gardens of the Imperial Palace” which is open to the public.

The Gardens occupy the main area of the former Edo Castle, where the HQ of Tokugawa Shogunate had resided from the beginning of the 17th century to the mid-19th century.  Please expand your imagination to the Samurai world.

You will be visiting a beautiful traditional Japanese garden where you can enjoy seasonal nature.

Currently, you can observe “Higanbana (cluster amaryllis)” which blooms only a few weeks during the equinoctial week in autumn.

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