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Shichi-Go-San is traditionally celebrated on November 15th.

Shichi-Go-San is traditionally celebrated on November 15th.

We were delighted to have you join us at our tour in Asakusa on November 15th. There were as many as 21 people from UK, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Canada, US and Australia. It was cloudy and a little cold, but not too bad. I hope you enjoyed walking with us. You may have seen children wearing cute dresses for Shichi-Go-San event. November 15th is traditionally the day for Shichi-Go-San celebration. Group photos and snap shots are posted.

As reported on November 3yd, Shichi-Go-San(7-5-3) is an important celebration for children of 3(San)-year-old boys and girls, 5(Go)-year-old boys and 7(Shichi)-year-old girls for growing up and wishing for their future blessings. Children wore cute clothing with candy bags. They looked happy and promising.

Why for the age of 3, 5 and 7? The infant death rates were high during the Edo period. Children’s growth was a social problem. These ages were a turning point in a child’s growth. Children of three years start to understand what someone says, children of five years start to use their wisdom and the baby teeth of children of seven years will be replaced by adult teeth. Also, it is believed that the odd numbers have been lucky from a long time ago.

Why is Shichi-Go-San traditionally celebrated on November 15th? It happened to be November 15th in 1681 when the 5th Shogun, Tsunayoshi of the Edo period prayed for good health of his unhealthy son, Tokumatsu on his 3rd birthday. Then, Tokumatsu grew up healthily. Since then, this tradition spread to commoners and the Shichi-Go-San date has come to November 15th. There are other theories. Today, Shichi-Go-San is held not only on November 15th but also on the nearest days or weekends for convenience or to avoid congestion.

Shichi-Go-San is celebrated at Buddhist temples as well as Shinto shrines. Although there is no rule which place to choose, Shinto shrines are generally more recognized. We look forward to seeing you again.