Meiji Shrine and Harajuku


Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour in Harajyuku area of Tokyo.
On that day, April 21, we were honored to welcome 26 guests to our walking tour. These people came from different regions of the world, incl­uding Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, Mexico Spain, U.K. and U.S.A.
It is already the peak of springtime in Japan.
In Tokyo, we can no longer see magnificent sakura or cherry trees blossoming.
Most of the fragile petals of the sakura trees have fallen due to the wind blowing, or occasional rain. Most of these trees have shed their blossoms naturally, because these flowers only last for 3 weeks, at most.
In effect, more and more green leaves are visible as days go by.
This significant event of cherry blossoms blooming truly lead to the sense of fragility of springtime, and an early transition into summer.

Under these seasonal atmospheres, we met 26 people in the Harajyuku tour.
After greeting our guests, we managed to form the three groups with one or two guides.
Punctually beginning our strolling at the torii gate of the shrine, we proceeded to the next attraction through the ever-green forest.
Upon arriving at the main building’s square, we saw many visitors of the shrine witnessing a traditional Shinto-style wedding ceremony. Most of the people were curious about the ceremony, and also taking photos of the beautiful celebration.
This magnificent sight serves as a good topic for our guides to explain a typical Japanese celebration.

Japan is set to welcome a new era in the light of Emperor Akihito’s abdication from the chrysanthemum throne.
In modern Japan, the era’s name is deeply connected to the enthronement of a Japanese emperor.
Heisei, the current Japanese era, which started in 1989 when Emperor Akihito’s reign was inaugurated, will come to an end on the 30th of April this year. The new era, Reiwa will officially commence on the 1st day of May, simultaneously starting the reign of the new Emperor Naruhito.
In retrospect. many people have mixed feelings regarding the Heisei period that lasted for 31 years.
A survey conducted regarding the Heisei era showed 70 percent of respondents rated the era as “Good” or “Relatively Good”.
However, there are some people who expressed their dissatisfaction.

Anyway, ear’s name has been deeply reflected on describing historical incidents or persons even on the school name like The Heisei Emperor, Heisei Great Sumo Champion and Teikyo Heisei University.
The inheritance ceremony will be held on May 1st in Imperial residence and the elder son of Emperor Akihito, Naruhito, will succeed to the Imperial throne.

As was notified and featured on our previous blog, Ueno park tour is coming soon.
We will briefly introduce this peaceful location for potential guests.
Our next tour at Ueno Park is scheduled on April 29. The tour starts at 1pm and the meeting point is between the Park Exit of JR Ueno Station and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. The tour takes about two hours.

We offer the pleasant Japan experience for all the guests and believe that you will be satisfied with our guide. Our guides will be waiting for you with Tokyo Free Walking Tour flag.
Come and explore the serenity, the culture and the history that is Ueno park.

(By Arac)