AsakusaUeno Park



Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour.   
On the day of our two-guided tours at Asakusa and Ueno, we welcomed a total of 7 guests from the U.S.A., Australia and Finland. A cold but sunny weather condition prevailed and las­ted the entire day all over Tokyo.  

The rooftop of the Asakusa Information Center building is a vantage point to look at the stunning view of the areas around Asakusa and its neighboring locations. This includes the following: Tokyo Skytree, Sumida River, the headquarters building of Asahi beer brewery and its icon. 

Tokyo Skytree stands appealingly against the backdrop of blue sky.  

In another direction, the luxurious gate of Sensoji Buddhist Temple and a 250-meter shopping street are seen.
These well-known spots are usually great topics to break the ice during our Asakusa tour. Experiencing this breakthrough vies, we went down and started our 90-minutes strolling from the distinctive Buddhist temp­le gate, Thunder Gate, to Asakusa Shinto Shrine building. 

On the same day, Ueno Park was full of enthusiastic  park visitors. In the middle of the park, a statue was calmly observing a lot of visitors.   His name is Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin, a Dutch medical doctor, who is referred as “the Father of Ueno Park”.  As this name suggests, he made a significant contribution in establishing this peaceful park. 

Originally, this location used to be a huge Buddhist temples of Tokugawa families, the ruling government from 17th century to mid 19th century. In mid 19th century, Ueno was a center of fierce battlefield and was completely devastated due to the War of Ueno, a civil war between the Shogunate army and Meiji Imperial troops. 

In light of the rehabilitation project of the victorious Meiji government, he persistently planned to landscape a public park in hopes of keeping it a ever-peaceful spot. His passionate commitment bore fruits like museums, zoos, playgrounds, and breathtaking green spaces. 
Nowadays, this park is one of the must-visit spots for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo, and in springtime, it gives a very thrilling and joyful experience to see the blossoming of flowers. 

Come and see this peaceful greens before returning to your home country.   
We have two times of our tour on the same day in line with the following time slots: 
1st —-Asakusa tour from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 
2nd —Asakusa tour from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. ,and Ueno tour from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
Please come and join us at your earliest convenience.
(By Arac)