East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

The Day 1964 Tokyo Olympics was held, 10 October 2018, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We thank the guests who paticipated in the tour of that day. We met 9 wonderful people from USA, Singapore, and Romania. We divided into 3 groups.

The weather was still hot like summer but it is getting milder day by day recently as we are entering autumn season. In Japan, Autumn is said to be season of Appetite, Reading and Sports due to mild climate.

As for autumn for sports, that day was the day 1964 Tokyo Olympics was held, 2 years later from this year is second Tokyo Olympics, construction for the new stadium and other facilities are underway in the city.


As remembrance for 1964, it is recommended to visit Yoyogi Park just behind Meiji Jingu shrine, where our another regular tour is held twice a month. Remaining one house in the housing complex which was used when the place was the Olympic athlete’s village that accommodated many athletes from all over the world.


For us, every tour is like Olympics because we meet many people from all over the world. Olympics is not just for sports competition but good chance for many kinds of people to get together.

So Tokyo Free Walking Tour is another Tokyo Olympics, please move your muscles to join this tour!