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The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 15 July 2023

The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 15 July 2023

Thank you for joining the tour of that day. We were honoured to host 9 guests from USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Sweden.

As promised, group photos and snapshots are posted for the remembrance of the fun time we spent together.

The weather was fine but extremely hot. The temperature rose to nearly 40 centigrade (100 Fahrenheit). The problem of Japan’s hot summer is not only heat but humidity which makes a real-feel temperature higher than a recorded one, especially for those from dry climate regions.

To deal with such humidity and heat, we would like to advise our guests the following things.

  1. Please wear a hat since our tours are conducted outdoor so the sunlight directly showers your head.
  2. Please bring something to drink with you. You will get very thirsty while walking on the tour course.
  3. Please put on skin protection cream or liquid to block ultra-violet sunlight so that your skin doesn’t get a sunburn.

In addition to the above, it is recommended to bring a hand-fan or some kind of cooling device like one of the guides was wearing in the tour. A neck cooler that can blow the air around your head by a motor inside.

Or just a hand-held type of it.

Or a neck cooling ring which you keep in the refrigerator before using it.

You can purchase it at any electric device shop in Tokyo. Such an item can become a good souvenir from Japan. Why not try?

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(Posted by Masa)