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The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 26 August 2023

The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 26 August 2023

Thank you for choosing our tour at The East Garden of The Imperial Palace on 26th August. We welcomed 7 guests from Singapore, Australia, Italy, and Lithuania. Before we started the tour, we were caught in a slight shower. However, the rain stopped and we were able to start the tour as usual. It was a little bit hot and humid but got better.  

I hope all of you enjoyed and shared interesting conversations with us during the tour. As promised, group photos and snapshots are attached to remember the fun times we had.

Now the weather forecasts on TV predict the course of a latest Typhoon every day. For Japanese checking the course of Typhoon is very important to make plan in summer vacation season. Recently many Typhoons come across Japan. They bring heavy rain, strong wind, and natural disaster. To avoid damage from Typhoon, Japanese railway company (especially each JR) may decide to suspend their services in advance. If so, you won’t go anywhere. This is called “ planned suspension.”

Two weeks ago we had a big trouble of Shinkansen for three days after planned suspension. Many foreign tourists also got in trouble as well as Japanese tourists. Typhoons are especially common in Japan in August and September. Please be sure to check weather forecasts on TV and website of each JR company while you stay in Japan. If you know the situation in advance, you can avoid the big trouble and change your travel plan. Anyway, crape myrtle flowers are in full bloom in Ninomaru-garden. Come and enjoy it!

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